The power of saying yes…

Please note, saying yes should be done with a clear head, haha but those of you who come here and follow me on social media (which you totally should by the way) might know that I am fresh off organising a big event. The KFC Herald Family Country Fair.

If you had asked me post resignation from full time employ if I ever saw myself doing something like this I would have said, Yes but that’s wayyyy in my future and I’d need to be part of a pretty big team and I don’t want to take on too much responsibility and actually maybe rather not.

Some #KFCHeraldFair fun from my phone and @rae_bigmouthentertainment ‘s

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The thing is, something like the fair…(see above) is something I have always dreamt of doing BUT also kind of felt like, it’s for other people, smarter people, richer people, fancier people.

But after resigning I had this deep need, this deep need to pay bills and put food on the table, hahaha. So I started saying yes. Yes to planning things like the #ECMeetup (which we did without gaining anything but petrol money) to yes to trying my hand at running an online store, writing for international companies, rewriting websites , sponsorship deals on this here blog and eventually saying yes to being one of the two main organisers on a “pie in the sky dream project” The other organiser – who happens to be my friend and also employer in another separate job- and I had this chat about how fun it would be to have a family fun fair where there was something for everyone to do.

I was fresh off a successful #ECMeetup and a big writing project (so maybe I was feeling myself) and I was like, hey why not. So she took the idea forward and came back with a go ahead from the big boss, I almost wet my pants… HOW!!!   were we going to pull this off? but through hard work, late nights, working weekends and the most helpful (this gives me all the feels) co-workers ever. We pulled it off.

I am so proud of the team and quite frankly myself. I am proud that we got to give the city a fun event, that we got to give charities exposure and that we can give back in terms of actual cash (READ MORE)

It made me realise something…what was I waiting for.

I’m pretty grown here up in my 30s, I have made some great connections throughout my 14-year career and I have a secret weapon….A network of friends and family that has my back no matter what.

Also when you put yourself out there not everyone is going to be on your side be ready for that. Like a friend said, even Jesus had haters, just do what works for you, be sure you feel like your decisions sit well with your soul (that’s big for me)

So here is to saying yes to the things that seem way too big for you and please watch this space as I have said yes to something awesome and can’t wait to share that with you

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