Raft inspired coasters (DIY)

Firstly here is Aidan singing this weeks nursery rhyme Row Your Boat – Remember guys, life is button deem!

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Today’s choice of nursery rhyme comes from Amelia over at SuddenlyAMom she is not taking part this time around due to not feeling 100s but we still wanted to include her. Talking about health Venean from In the mean time was not up to taking part in this one from the hospital… No commitment that one! she should have grabbed a bed pan some rubber gloves and gone for it (kidding I’m not a monster, hehe)

This is what I came up with because Ruth’s little teapot coasters reminded me that I own NO coasters so here is what I did…

I don’t usually drink juice from stemware but
hey it makes a cute pic

First I raided Aidan’s craft box for wood glue and ice-cream sticks

I put down two sticks at opposite ends and started gluing on top

continue until it looks like this

Then add two more sticks above the two original ones

This is what you should be left with TAH DAH!!!!

How cute and great for a beach theme party me thinks

That’s it from me don’t forget to take a look at what the others came up with:


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