Why I rep Ootrey (plus a chance to win)

If you follow me on social media you might have seen me gush about this new company called Ootrey. An online service giving you access to spectacle frames at the click of a button.

So why am I so in to them?

No it’s not cause I’ve called the owners friends since we ended up next to each other at a comedy show and they didn’t mind my loud laughter.
It’s cause the service makes so much sense!

1. The price

R899 for the frame of your choice, lenses and delivery included. I’ve worn glasses for most of my life and the whole process is NOT cheap. Even on medical aid there was ALWAYS a co-payment and I knew that I needed to keep my eyes on the plainer frames because fancy designer ones would mean forking out thousand+ bucks. With ootrey you are paying for everything except the test (which ranges from R170 to R300) and can claim the money back from medical aid. This way you can get more than one pair and not have to wait 2 years between pairs.

2.The range

The Ootrey brand speaks to me. It’s quirky, geeky and a little extra – very me – infact the pair I chose is half red half tortoise shell. The glasses each have a human name and “personality” and I love it. It’s been so awesome to see people comment on my pictures with things like… Ooooh I love Sally but prefer Lara.

3. convenience

Life is so busy to be driving up and down for your glasses. You go for your appointment and then have to find time to go back. Here you go online pick what you like and send in your prescription tadah! New glasses. They even have an option where they send you your favorites at a small extra cost and you can fit it on at home. This means you can check yourself out in different angles without staff asking you if you’ve made your decision yet.

I’m really excited to be affiliated with ootrey. I don’t like to affiliate myself with too many things. I don’t want to be called out on being a hypocrite. Yesterday you said you only use X but watch you in your Y… I can’t even with that so in the spirit of transparency please note that although I have the giant giant honor of now being affiliated with ootrey as a brand rep (me nogal like who am I even) do note that the black frames on my social media is not from them it is from my previous visit to an optometrist.

Ootrey has something similar though… They have a ton for frames and to celebrate me joining the “ootrey team” they are giving one of my readers a pair…

All you have to do to enter is go to www.ootrey.co.za and pick a frame then comment below with the name of your favorite frame then follow the prompts to get extra entries… Good luck 😁


33 thoughts on “Why I rep Ootrey (plus a chance to win)

  1. Luchae says:

    I WANA WIN THIS SO BAAAAAAAD! I WANT ALL THE FRAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (but mostly Molly or Luna)

  2. Sula says:

    Ah looks like a great business, only problem is I only ever get perfectly round (John Lennon / Harry Potter) style glasses and choose my optician according to where I can find them. Very good prices on Ootry

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