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Let me just start by saying that the male role models in question are not of the human variety. This post is about cartoons and the like…

I believe in filling your life and your child’s life with positive role models, but I’m starting to feel like it’s slim pickings when it comes to the animated variety. I’m struggling to find animated boys that aren’t violent or reckless.

I’m a little nervous that this post might sound like I’m not for all the empowered little girls in cartoons, that is certainly not the case. so I’m starting it with a disclaimer…I am a female woman of X chromozone beginnings. I am a product of a matriarchal family. I believe in woman empowerment (well duh) and am first in line for anti woman abuse and pro female movements.

BUT I’ve got a growing concern, this concern comes from this big eyed curly haired boy who calls me mom. I’m concerned that we are working so hard to fix the scales and empower our girl children that the boy children are left with very few decent role models.

My boys (Aidan and Caleb) hardly every play a game where one of them is not pretend injured or killed. Always fighting like the superheros and ninjas they see on tv.

The other day my 4-year-old son told me he wants to be a boy princess because being a prince was boring, so I tried to think of  a prince that was not boring…uhmmmmm there was, Alladin (okay he was a thief but he turned out good) ja I struggled (comment below with someone noble and role model worthy, help a sister out). Aidan is right princes are boring.

The only “male role models” are superheroes which are cool (our lil family loves Superhero movies) but I mean does every boy thing have to be violence related, SHEESH! The toy isle blue section is guns and balls…maybe that’s why so many men are just into guns and balls. I had to make a medical kit for Aidan because I could only find pink glittery ones and these had him going “that’s for girls” and I mean some little girl had already told him that boys can’t be doctors only girls like Barbie and Doc McStuffins.

Don’t get me wrong I let Aidan watch  “girly” things I mean he is currently obsessed with My Little Pony. He also knows that women and men can do the same jobs, his own doctor is a woman, so that’s not the point. My point is, is there a non fighting role model for my kid? Mickey Mouse and Barney I guess but he has outgrown that at the moment.

We used to watch Phineas and Ferb (whatever happened to them).

I want something not lame and something not violent. I want my son’s experience of males in the media to go past Hip  hop music videos (besides he will scream, “come change the channel the ladies are dancing naked again”).

We want to raise well balanced men who know that women can do anything but also that they can do anything as well. Be smart like Doc adventurous like Dora (Aidan keeps asking me why she gets to go all over with out her parents and I won’t let him play outside without double checking the gate). I want him to be courageous and empowering like Princess Sophia.

I would just like him to be able to play out these attributes without having to do it in drag…is that too much to ask?

*second disclaimer, this sounds like the TV is raising my son, I WISH! he doesn’t have the attention span to watch more than one show, I’d just like that one show to showcase a boy not fighting…

Any show suggestions? Would love to know what your preschool boys are watching


3 thoughts on “Searching…Male role models

  1. Zoe Hawkins says:

    AWWW, so the opposite problem to what I have!!
    Some Disney options you might want to look at (not sure if they’re for too old an audience):
    Milo Murphy’s Law (from the makers of Phineas and Ferb, which should still be running)
    Miles from Tomorrowland
    PJ Masks
    and then there’s Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood but I think you’ll only get that on YouTube (not sure if it’s available locally)
    Oh, and I know fighting stuff is out, but OMG I LOVE Kung Fu Panda.
    And what about classics like Curious George, Paddington Bear and Babar (just don’t pay attention to all the terrifying Colonial stuff 😛 )

    • Eleanor Douglas-Meyers says:

      Fighting stuff is not out, just want another option, thanks for reminding me of Daniel Tiger, I loved him for the whole only child aspect (i think he has a sibling now but you know, lol) Miles from Tomorrowland is rather awesome too…thanks for the reminder 🙂

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