Sick on the inside,smile on the outside

How is everyone this morning?
Hope you had a super weekend, no seriously, hope it was awesome so I can live vicariously…
At the risk of sounding like a Naggy Nancy this month (no offence to anyone named Nancy I’m sure you nag about the regular amount if not less,but naggy Eleanor just doesn’t have same ring to it) I’m feeling a little bleugh today as everyone in my house has flu so this weekend was spent hibernating and hoping to vote flu off the island, but flu had formed an alliance with exhaustion and their torches are still burning bright.
I’d been feeling “under the weather” most of the week but by Friday, “weather” was replaced by “bus”  and by that evening I felt like a remote control with dead batteries; you know how you keep pushing the buttons a little bit harder hoping it will make it work again, but no such luck.
I spent most of Saturday and Sunday looking after my sick boys. Rob and I took turns taking a medicated slumber while Aidan played around because for him being sick and being tired are not even in the same dictionary.
I made him some play dough with essential oils to keep him busy and open his chest and I even made a hobby horse because I felt guilty that he had to miss a birthday party, but truth be told, most of the time I just lay there in a semi coma while he watched YouTube clips of people playing with play dough or opening toys, he loves it, I don’t understand it.
This morning we are feeling a little better (fake it till you feel it)
Everyone has been sent off to work and school and there are lunches in lunch boxes, even if grownups this morning have snack packs of cereal biscuits and raisins, we got out the door and are dressed, that is all we could hope for this Morning.
I’m not complaining though, just sharing, I’m nothing if not a sharer… Besides today I might be bleugh, but tomorrow could be a step up to meh and by Wednesday I could be k, heading for cool, so here’s to faking it till you make it.

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