So I’m insulin resistant…and relieved

So finally FINALLY!!!! after so many blood tests and doctors visits all my niggly little problems are explained. I’m insulin resistant and although it sucks, I finally have a diagnosis I can work with

It finally makes sense why I can’t lose weight, why my blood pressure is all over the place, why I am always tired, always starving (no not hungry STARVING) even why they have found fatty deposits in my liver, it all finally “has a reason” We never even checked, just assumed it was part of my anemia (the tiredness and what not), but with a new doctor came a new set of tests and a new diagnosis.

I’m starting a diet and exercise plan this week because I know that leaving it untreated is dangerous.
History of diabetes in my family. I will be getting my new eating plan from the dietician tomorrow…good luck to her and me (I have IBS that reacts badly to dairy and reflux- this cancels out like half the food pyramid) so not sure what would be left…

I know it won’t be easy…I have such a sweet tooth, could eat a pack of chewy sweets in one sitting (family size pack) , but I will try my best. My gran died from complications from diabetes and although I know I don’t have diabetes I’m serious about being good and staying healthy for myself and my boys.

In the words of a personal hero who lost a arm and learnt to surf again, Bethany Hamilton  (yes losing a limb is worse than a lifestyle change…but doesn’t mean I can’t be inspired) : 

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