Someone thinks you’re an idiot and that’s okay

My headline was a little click-baity I must admit BUT its true someone out there thinks you are an idiot. You probably think a bunch of people are idiots too…

Okay so maybe idiot is a bit harsh BUT think about it…

You know that sports team you really love and have memorabilia of? Well there is a whole group of supporters who think you’re nuts. The religion you subscribe (or don’t subscribe) to, a group of people think you are a wackadoo. Let’s not get started on politics and food choices…how can you eat sugar, meat, gluten, food of any kind….

So what am I getting at? Well the SA Blog Awards 2016 winners were announced yesterday and I am the runner up in the Arts and Crafts section. I am quite excited about this. Even more excited that my friends and fellow East Cape bloggers,  Luchae and Ruth  ranked as well. I really feel like YEAH ME!

Part of me struggled to feel good about the win and I figured out why…

I know that a bunch of bloggers think this competition is a no go, something to do with it being a popularity contest and something about not wanting to register for things or ask people to vote, also they don’t like the judging process, I’m not sure but I know there is/was controversy. I get the asking to vote thing. I myself was like “please if you don’t mind and just happen to have time vote for me but you don’t have to okay bye”.

But lets be REAL blogging is a bit of a popularity contest anyways. How can I ask you to follow me on INSTA, TWITTER AND FB (those are legit links, totally click on them)  and  it not be because I want to be a little popular.

But despite those bloggers I am allowing myself to feel chuffed. Just the other day a well-known blogger inadvertently (or not inadvertently – who knows)  referred to me as a new undiscovered blogger (I didn’t even realise I was that new or undiscovered, shame on me for being too big for my metaphorical boots) and it stung.

So yes this new blogger feels chuffed to have her name mentioned with all these cool bloggers… so kudos to me and kudos to everyone else who has the guts to put themselves out there a little in whatever way that suits them… There is always going to be someone who doesn’t agree with you and that is fine 🙂 DO YOU BOO DO YOU

15 thoughts on “Someone thinks you’re an idiot and that’s okay

  1. Mandy-Lee Miller says:

    I am so very happy for you! If it helps, the person who said that to you… I knew who you were before I knew who she was 😀 Also, awards are freaking awesome!! I was soooooo depressed I had missed entering yet another one – someone needs to let me know when these things happen!! I am thrilled for you and Luchae and Ruth! You all work hard and write beautifully, you deserve every bit of recognition! Much much love xx

  2. Melissa Javan says:

    I love that you won Ella. To hell with whoever said that. You had people voting for you – and it was not only bloggers who voted – non bloggers/ fans of your work voted. I think it is well deserved. Consistency paid off.

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