Starting new family road trip traditions with Wimpy

I was recently asked to join in on the Wimpy #MoSummer campaign and jumped at the chance because (those who have been following the blog would know) I am all about spending time with my family. The guys over at Wimpy asked me about my favourite family memories and I immediately thought. ..ROAD TRIP!

Growing up we would often all pile into the car for long trips around the Christmas and Easter holidays.  I have vivid memories of my parents, siblings and grandmother heading off on the long road, sometimes a cousin would come along and to this day I am not too sure how we fit into my dad’s little Datsun. We still have pictures, many of them with the sun blocking half the picture or heads cut off (I am a before digital, child) but despite the pictures not being all that clear they spark amazing memories.

Rob and I are keen to carry on this tradition with Aidan, making memories on the road. I’ve heard about giving gifts on the road and I thought it might be a nice way to make the tradition “ours” and maybe it could replace some of the unsavory parts in my own memory bank (bickering siblings and motion sickness)

For me the highlight of these trips was often stopping to stretch our legs and grab a bite at one of the Wimpy’s on route (still is) but it never hurts to add a few more highlights.

I’m not sure if you saw the Mo’Summer ambassador Momo. She is all over social media and You Tube giving away prizes and sharing ideas on how to have a memorable summer with your family…In one of the clips she gives her dad a few empty packages, but I thought we could do a little better

  • Individual snack packs/lunch boxes

Your first Wimpy stop is usually like an hour away while the need to nibble on something usually starts in the driveway.  Making individual snack boxes eliminates the need to bicker about; who got how many cookies or drank the last juice. This also allows you to provide snacks that suit the individual; extra biltong for the parents, minimal sugar for the kids. You can also use this opportunity to do something fun like personalising  the boxes/bags  #SQUADGOALS #TEAMTRIP #MEYERSMEMORIES

  • Camera

For those who don’t have phones for pictures, why not get disposable cameras? Each person can take their own pictures and you can compare notes after the trip.

  • Trip gear

Matching slogan t-shirts, sunglasses or hats can add some flair to your trip #squadgoals. This depends on the age and personality of your children, as some would DIE if you ask them to dress like their parents while others would quite happily get in on the fun.

  • Fidget toys

If your passengers are the type that gets restless pretty fast, the latest craze could be a Godsend. Fidget spinners, cubes, balls (and other things made to keep your hands busy) could really help kill the time. Hand these out as surprises when you know the road is about to become less scenic and keep one for the driver for those “road under construction” moments.

  • Freshen up packs

If your trip is particularly long, a pack of things to freshen up might really come in handy. Wet wipes, bubblegum, water in spray bottles, these all aid in making you feel a little more presentable.

  • Scrap books/boxes

If you are a sentimental bunch why not give out books or boxes at the beginning of the journey and you can collect trinkets on your way. After the trip you can compare notes.

  • Travel games

You get so many fun travel games these days, travel monopoly, magnetic tic-tac-toe or car bingo are all fun options. This is particularly helpful when the road is long and you are getting a little tired of each other’s company. hehehe

In all of this the most important thing you can give each other is time. Be in the moment and enjoy each other’s company. Memories like these are what bind a family. Anyway, it doesn’t matter if you’re staying at home or hitting the road,. Wimpy and Momo’s got you covered with lots of ideas on how to get the most out of your summer holidays so be sure to visit the Wimpy facebook page 



*This post was sponsored, pretty sure you picked that up but for clarity sake 🙂

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