Straight and natural, is that a thing (with tips)

When it comes to hair, being natural means something different to everyone, for me it means free of chemicals and heat and results in a large curly fro, but a blog reader has got me thinking…

Jenade King answered my call for natural hair styling tips (this call is still going guys, message me!) Although she has given up the creamy crack (relaxer) and other chemical straighteners, this Nati is not heat-free … ” I’d rather have that smooth silky look “

Natural hair, Not that natural sleekness

Jenade doesn’t really call herself natural, she even says she’s anti curls(when it comes to herself), but she tries to stay as natural as possible when it comes to hair care.
She has opted to keep her hair looking sleek and I know that some Natis are rolling their eyes so hard they look like slot machines, but I believe to each his own, I feel like the purpose of this movement was to boldly say, THERE IS MORE THAN ONE WAY TO HAVE PRETTY HAIR…
This beautiful mom’s story echoes that of many of us Nati’s who turned to chemicals because, we didn’t know better, but then realised that we were doing more harm than good. She has found a system that works for her and is eager to share:

Jenade’s story:

Growing up I’ve always had thick curly hair, my mum was never able to manage it so she would relax it. (FYI I have lovely hair naturally, just a lot of it).

Growing up we didn’t have money for hair irons so we used a clothes iron, not a fun process at all, but it did the job, even after the burns and the sore body from the crazy positions to get your hair on the ironing board.
Thankfully now I have a hair iron, I stopped relaxing my hair about 8 years ago. Doing my hair is an absolute mission so to my ladies out there that have the struggle I’ll give you my tips.

Jenade’s tips:

I wash my hair don’t wash my conditioner out then add some coconut oil.
Tie it in a bun and put a shower cap over.
I then blow dry it for about 10 minutes and wash it out.
This helps so much with thick dry hair , joys of dye
Blow dry then straighten and you’re good to go!
 I swirl my hair at night and keeps it amazing
I absolutely love my curls but they only come out on rare occasions. I’d rather have that smooth silky look.
– A big thank you to Jenade for sharing her natural hair routine, do you have hair tips or hair stories to share? just drop me a line on

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