You decided to dye your natural hair…now what?

Can you dye your natural hair? Will you even be considered a natural after that? will you get kicked off all the groups and stripped of your detangling brush and coconut oil?

In all seriousness, I don’t really know what constitutes being a natural, in my book it’s no chemicals , no heat. and since I’m more low chemicals, minimal heat, I see myself as a bos kop/a curly girl/pro natural.

My curl pattern has changed over the years and this year in particular has been the first time that I can say there is zero relaxed parts left. This has changed my curl pattern considerably, it’s way more ungovernable, looks shorter and needs more moisture. HOWEVER the curls are on point with minimal manipulation. Curling “uit die naat uit” (somethings need to be said in Afrikaans – but I mean it curls from the root)

So when I decided to change things up I needed a game plan that would give me a different look without canceling out all my hard work. So I chatted to Michelle from Stylish Steppers Hair and Beauty Studio here in PE. And we decided to do some highlighted/bleached pieces in my hair. She then covered my hair with non permanent dye. Having the highlighted pieces in my hair means the all-natural colours I want to use to “shake things up” shows up better and I can change it up once it starts fading.

So although it’s red now, in 4-6 weeks it could be blue or green,  all with minimal damage… Since I don’t want the bleached parts to start looking lifeless and droog (dry) I asked Michelle for some tips…

How to take care of  your tresses if you decide to dye your natural hair

  • Make sure to use a moisture treatment at least every 2nd week.
  • Get a trim to prevent splits.
  • Use a sulfate free shampoo.
  • Get a color enhancing mask to revive color, could be used every 4 weeks.

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