DIY a Valentine’s Day t-shirt with a difference

In need of a Valentine’s Day t-shirt?  If you have a child whose daily schedule still includes finger paints or building blocks, I am going to guess yes. Schools are big on dressing for the occasion, which is usually red and white, but I decided to be a little extra this year, I ditched the red and white and made Aidan a Valentine’s Day t-shirt with a difference

What make’s it a Valentine’s Day shirt in my opinion is the big’ol heart nose and the fact that it is both the “animal he loves” as well as the “colour he loves” – you can use this technique and tweak it to suit the wearer.

What you need to make your Valentine’s Day t-shirt

  • A t-shirt, I got this vest at Pep stores for around R15 (a steal really)
  • contact plastic
  • scissors
  • a pencil
  • fabric paint
  • brushes and sponges (I used a soon to be retired makeup sponge)
  • either a plastic sleeve or a piece of cardboard


What you do:

  • Get out your contact plastic and use your pencils to draw a stencil.
  • I drew the ears and nose and cut it out using scissors. It would be much easier with an exacto knife/blade, but mine is missing
  • Then decide on placement, use a ruler if you need to
  • Stick down the plastic and sponge on some paint
  • Aidan LOVES purple, but I started with a base of white on the ears to give a bit of a shadow effect
  • I did the whiskers free hand along with the mouth, the mouth and eyes were not in my original design , but Aidan was adamant that the cat needed them (so much for avant-garde)
  • Wait to dry and there you go đŸ™‚
  • Comment if anything is unclear and check out the time I painted Watermelon Shoes


DIY Valentine's Day t-shirt

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