Curly kids countdown: Axl

Today’s curly countdown kiddie is Axl πŸ™‚

I’ve read his mom, (and my bloggy bud) Megan Kelly Botha’s BlogΒ practically since he was born so I honestly feel like I know this gorgeous cherub personaly.

Here is Megan’s rather funny countdown on behalf of her son…

5. What is your kid’s names and age?
It depends what sort of mood I am in, sometimes he responds to little shit head but for the most part it’s Axl, Ax, Axe-Man, Axe-Man Scoop, Babadook and when I am really angry, it’s Axl Roughton. Oh, he is two years old.

4. What is his curl pattern like?
I am going to ask an adult about this one. *Sends Whatsapp message to Ella(that’s me). Waits… Waiting… Why on earth is she taking so long. She’s clearly adulting better than me(I wasn’t I actually misplaced my phone),today. Okay, Ella says loose curls – but I tend to disagree. After we’ve washed his hair, they tend to be tight little ringlets and then as the day progresses and he does boy stuff like bumping his head, it tends to take the shape of an Afro.

3. What products do you use on their hair?
Conditioner! I am going to share a story with you and I hope that it doesn’t offend anyone, but my dear friend will appreciate me sharing this story. I once was sitting in Science class next to my friend Sydney who pulled out a HUGE bottle of Pantene Conditioner out of her school bag, it was clear that my Science teacher saw the look of confusion on my face and burst out laughing – like belly laugh. He put down the text book and went into great detail about why him and Sydney carry conditioner around, he said it was basically in his culture (he, being coloured) and that it was great to maintain unruly curly hair. I had always been envious of Sydney’s curls, but she INSISTED on conditioning those curls, even half way through our Science lesson.
So when I had a kid who’s hair was VERY different to my own, I, being naive, attempted to treat his hair like I would my own. It resulted in tears almost every time (both him and I). Until I remembered this particular science lesson and thought, let’s just wash his hair with conditioner – I use Organics hair conditioner. It helps untangle the knots, gives his hair volume and we never have tears any more. In the mornings, I use Organics Detangling spray, so that I can get the Tangle Teezer knock-off (R25 at Clicks because I am cheap like that) through his ‘fro, but for the most part – we’re simple with his routine.

2. How do you style and treat?
Well, uhm, I.. brush it. And then run my fingers through his hair to get the hair loose from his scalp and create cute curls, because…. MAN! I want curls. I have even contemplated a perm so that people will realize that the kid is mine, too.

1. How does he wear his hair?

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