Stress-reducing ice tea

Is stress-reducing ice-tea a thing? Well, it is now.

I used the Sela Stress tea to brew this refreshing drink and due to the medicinal properties of the tea, it should be able to take the edge off during this “last crunch, super hectic” part of the year.

The Sela Stress tea used to make my “stress-reducing ice-tea” contains Winter Cherry, which is also known as Indian ginseng and ashwagandha, and much like elephants it is found in India and Africa. Ashwagandha is an ancient medicinal herb. It’s classified as an adaptogen, meaning that it can help your body manage stress. Ashwagandha also provides numerous other benefits for your body and brain. For example, it can boost brain function, lower blood sugar and cortisol levels, and help fight symptoms of anxiety and depression. This is all according to some online research and a paper I found on

Stress reducing ice tea recipe

what you need

  1. Two Sela Stress Tea Teabags
  2. Lemon (the juice of a half a large lemon is enough for me but you can go by taste)
  3. Sweetener (I used 2 sachets of Equal for my jug of tea – it does not have that aftertaste many other artificial sweeteners have)

What you do

  1. Steep the tea bags in a mug of boiling water for 5min  (each tea bag can be used twice, meaning it is pretty strong so you can get away with two teabags for a jug of ice-tea)
  2. Sweeten your tea (your preference)
  3. Add the tea to three more mugs of cold water and leave to cool even more
  4. Serve with ice

    I really like this tea, it is not overpowering or overly sweet and due to Sela it counts as stress-reducing tea, so it is a double win

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