Haircut regret treatment for the scissor happy

Have you ever experienced haircut regret? No? Who are you even? Teach me your ways.

Honestly I love my new hair cut (well not today cause it’s raining and I can’t tie it up) but generally I’m happy with this chic do…

But for when I’m not (probably soon, I’m like that) I have great advice for haircut regret from someone with actual flippen Pocahontas hair.

A while back I asked blog readers on my facebook page for hair tips they wanted to share and I got some great responses…Someone I know said they had a hair growth treatment and people begged her to share (I told you haircut regret was real) And since the amazing Gillian Pillay is super nice like that she has shared it with me to share with you…

“You mix 1 part bayrum (available at picknpay medicine section) 1 part lennons bergamot and 1 capsule of placenta (optional) – it’s normally for course hair types, I just add it in anyway, put in spray bottle and spritz on. You can use it as a overnight treatment before washing or mix with shampoo. I used it for 3 months and saw growth, I still use it weekly.”

This is a picture of Gill at the ECMeetup…

Her mix reminded me of The Mandy Mix which is something a hair blogger I really look up to; Amanda from Cape Town Curly , came up with. it quickly went viral and South African Nati’s swear by it…so I am including a link to take you to the updated Mandy Mix and also to some FAQ she has answered about the mix

Comment below, have you ever had haircut regret?

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