My waterless morning curl routine

My shorter hair has forced me to change my morning curl routine a bit. This length is a no bun zone and in all honesty that can be tricky.

So with the new “All Afro all the Time” look I needed a plan for the morning.
The water crisis and the fact that I have to get ready at 6am in what seems to be the coldest May in years made it essential for my curl routine to be waterless.

I usually deep condition and detangle on a Saturday evening then rinse and style on Sunday morning. This means I have fresh curls on Sunday and Monday. The problem comes in here on Tuesday where I wake up looking like an ungroomed poodle or a dreadlocked sheepdog.

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I woke up like this (picture from

Since washing it daily is not on my list of “fun things for Eleanor to do” I have found products to help refresh and style until I end up in a scarf at the end of the week.

My waterless morning curl routine

I either spray my curls with BLM curl wake-up spray or Aunt Jackie ‘s half and half hydrating milk and scrunch it. It depends on what I need from the spray (moisture from the milk or shine from wake-up spray)

An afro comb helps to fluff out the curls and a satin scarf helps keep most of the frizz at bay.

For the curls that don’t make it through the night, I use Design essentials deep moisture milk soufflé to finger coil. I simply dip my finger in and twist the piece of hair around my finger.

For styling options, I either clip my – currently growing out of its style – hair to the back to create a sort of faux hawk with height on top.

My other go to is simply tying a scarf around my head…The back of my hair is concealed with the bulk of my hair coming out of the top.

What is your morning curl routine?


3 thoughts on “My waterless morning curl routine

  1. Samantha says:


    Just like to know. My daughter is 1 year old and 4 months, also has curly hair. Any products you can recommend?


    • Eleanor Douglas-Meyers says:

      Hey Sam…I’m not sure what curl pattern your girls have….If you follow me on insta you will see that my boys (son and nephews) all have long curly hair but the curl pattern is different my son says their hair grows , down(caleb) up (aidan) and out (liam) for calebs thin hair we just use the aunty Jackies knot on my watch and that’s enough, Aidan is fine with a spits of moisturising spray (those curls don’t need help staying in shape just not looking super dry) liam however is more like me so needs something creamier like the aunty Jackies baby girl curls…. This advice comes from what I have seen with them but it takes trial and error…good luck

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