So I’m starting a thing in Uitenhage

I’m a Uitenhage girl… I’m quite proud of that fact even when we have to listen to the rest of the metro list why we suck in meme form… But like most of those who live here we know why we do; the community the comaradery and much less traffic.

(Picture by: Odette Johaar)

I realised that if I was going to say I’m #teamuitenhage I was going to have to put my money (my time, my contacts, my passion) where my mouth is and invest in the town and thanks to Agape coffee shop, I’m doing just that.

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Can your kid’s art earn them big bucks?

The answer is yes, your kid’s art can earn you, I mean them, big bucks (Their share of R18000 real life monies) and major major bragging rights. (but we are evolved adults and don’t brag about our children – do check out my cute kid on his instagram page)

For the third year in a row Tavcor VW invites all Primary and High School learners in Nelson Mandela Bay to get creative and possibly win money for their school and themselves.

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I almost killed us and I’m not over it

First things first, we (myself, Caleb and Aidan) were in a road accident and apart from a sore arm and stiff neck(mine) we are fine… If the question is “why so dramatic Eleanor” then the answer is 1.genetics must be new here.

It’s been three days since I went flying over a traffic circle with the two people closest to my heart silently staring at me as I tried to regain control over the car and apparently messing up my left arm in the process… It’s been three days where instead of feeling relieved that we are okay,  I’m just a bit of a mess.

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The Locally Yours Market ECMeetup connection

With ECMeetup still pretty much in the air – I’m typing while snacking on goodie bag items – I thought I’d tell you guys about a special collab we did with Locally Yours Market this time around.

For those who don’t know Locally Yours Market, it’s a monthly market that is run in PE where all products have to be locally made or sourced, giving entrepreneurs a fighting chance against cheap imports…so what does that have to do with blogging?

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