So I’m starting a thing in Uitenhage

I’m a Uitenhage girl… I’m quite proud of that fact even when we have to listen to the rest of the metro list why we suck in meme form… But like most of those who live here we know why we do; the community the comaradery and much less traffic.

(Picture by: Odette Johaar)

I realised that if I was going to say I’m #teamuitenhage I was going to have to put my money (my time, my contacts, my passion) where my mouth is and invest in the town and thanks to Agape coffee shop, I’m doing just that.

With enough nervous tension to fuel a small plane I’m excited to announce my new little concept event #uthexperience evenings.

Basically every month I will be bringing an experience to Agape in Uitenhage. Every month will be a different theme, a different themed gift and a different chance to learn and experience something new – I’m also working on having a monthly prize. Also you can order food and eats off their amazing menu.

Since I’m big on giving back, there will also be a Uitenhage based charity angle…At the events, I will be exchanging my hand made jewelry (I’m actually really good at making jewelry, even if I say so myself) for a donation from our guests. So with the first event being a woman’s month event everyone will be asked to bring a pack of sanitary pads (not compulsory but much appreciated) and I’ll give you a thank you. I’m hoping to build up a donations stock pile that we can donate to a worthy cause at the end of the year.

So Ja that’s my new thing #uthexperience evenings. I really hope I can count on your support and assistance… Because I’m very excited and think this could be rather fun 💕 and rewarding.

A giant thank you to Agape our favourite coffee spot in Uitenhage for taking this leap with me, it means so much for you guys to rate me enough to put your brand name on this… I mean for all they know I could be a scam artist (I’m not I promise)

I have successfully organised things before, scouts honour… I did a birthday party for CHOC, an antibullying event with SailorJoes, I do ECMeetUp with my partner Luchae and was part of the team for the first KFC fair in PE…this is big for me though, this is home ground and that’s not always an advantage… But I’m excited!

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19 thoughts on “So I’m starting a thing in Uitenhage

  1. Jasoda says:

    You sure are talented in every aspect Eleanor..I wish you well with all you are an inspiration to not only the young but elderly( me of course winkwink) too.keep on doing what you do best..

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