How to set up a basic craft box


Aidan and I love to craft, I know  I’ve done such an amazing job of keeping that little fact a secret, but it’s true.

I am extremely blessed to have my own little craft space and Aidan him is pretty lucky that I don’t lock him out completely.

He knows what is completely off limits (like fabric markers and blades) and what he can use…stamps and  off cuts of paper or felt.

I have had a lot of people ask me for advice on setting up a craft box for their kid and I thought I would share our basic 6…here goes

  1. Paper scraps

I keep left over wrapping paper, gift bags and the like for him to use. The uses are endless and its recycling so double win

  1. Glue

We use the school grade white glue for “heavy duty projects” but I mostly let him use a glue stick because at the end of the day he is only three and I’m not about the clean up life. A nice tip for using the white school glue is to saturate a kitchen sponge in the glue and put it in a container, they can then just dip their fingers in to get some glue.

  1. Scissors

This is up to you, it works well for us (I use the blade-less plastic ones for his kit) I started teaching him how to use scissors by letting him cut up play dough worms and he has quite a good handle on it by now

  1. Paint

You can get really nice kits for your kid. I’m cheap and buy biggish containers and then decant. I either use a old ice-cube tray as a paint pallet or I do the glue trick but with paint, saturate a sponge and he can dip. A nice mess free tip is to fill empty roll-on deodorant  bottles with paint…think fat pen

  1. Stickers

I love foam stickers I really do! You can stick them on things to make stamps, you can decorate with them and you can use them to teach simple matching skills! A def must

  1. Ice-cream/ Popsicle sticks

The uses are endless, paint them, glue them stick things on them and they are really cheap and cheerful so I always pop this into craft sets.

There are a ton of things I could add. Glitter glue, which Aidy loves, crayons, which I didn’t add because I feel like it is such a given, pom poms, stamps, stencils and so much more, but those 6 items open up a world of crafting and everything else is are super fun additions.


3 thoughts on “How to set up a basic craft box

  1. Lauren hewitt says:

    It has to be an Aidan thing! My Aidy LOVES crafting too and also has a crafting kit with everything on your list. We find painting is our absolute favorite at this stage, and I’m doing every thing I can to encourage it <3

  2. Sam says:

    This is very clever! I think there will be a few tips I steal from this post – my kids love to draw and play with the scissors and glue the WORLD!

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