Time saving tips that actually work

People are always asking me how I juggle my various roles and find time for things (some honestly want to know others are just throwing shade…I see you). Like the person who told me she wished she had so much time to faff around making crafts like I did. I replied that you find time for things you love (like her finding time to speak nonsense to me)

I work in an office daily, do freelance writing, blog, YouTube and my little jewelry business is taking off – from next week I will officially be in three stores, yeah me – I’m also planning the #ECMeetup with Luchae . So with a three year old and a husband who would like to see me more than on my way in and out of the house, I have to be really creative with my time:

These are my tips to save time, please share yours…
  • We have started cooking ahead so that the evenings are no longer this rush of rubber duckies, pots and pans then bed. (We leave at around 6am and get back at around 6pm). Now we can go for walks, build blocks with Aidy or just veg out. It’s awesome!
  • I do overnight oats for breakfast which cuts down on the morning rush and Rob has instant oats in his drawer at work. Aidan eats at school (theoretically) and all this saves us time.
  • Rob and I travel to work together, it is about a 45min drive each way and we use that time pretty constructively –  I think – apart from listening to the news we schedule the adulting things like update diaries with events that need to be attended, bills that need to be paid, items that need to be stocked up with.
  • I use Aidan’s bath time as an email check in time…while he splashes around I make sure I’ve replied to who needs replying to.
  • I try to choose an outfit before bed, I’m super lazy in the morning and since wearing your onesie to the office is frowned upon, I try to do the locating of missing shoes the night before (wouldn’t it be cool if I meant Aidan’s shoes).
  • I prepack Aidan’s lunch options…So basically I have this drawer of prepacked lunch additions. His go to is crackers and cheese blocks. Then I have a few packets of raisins, some seed bars, some rice cakes, some digestive biscuits and so on…I will then just add an items to his prepacked crackers, yogurt and an apple in the morning
  • I use the fact that I am at the office early as personal admin time. The fact that my laptop is a tiny little thing really helps with this.
  • I wake up early on Saturday morning for much needed “Me time”. I am often out running errands and back before the boys wake up. I live in a town where shops close around 12am on Saturdays so if you go early you get more done.
  • I read on the train. On days I take the train, I use the time to catch up on my reading especially for reviews
  • I switch off my phone! This is new, I used to be at everyone’s “beck and call” but after the Dr suggested decreased screen time for my eyes, I found that actually, my loved one’s can live without me for a few minutes. This is tough because I’m such a people pleaser and also most of the people I love most in the world live inside my phone (seriously don’t get around to one on one time) BUT it had to be done, to save time and sanity

… Those are my time saving tricks…What are yours?  oh and if I’m in a crazy hurry I brush my teeth in the shower

3 thoughts on “Time saving tips that actually work

  1. Venean says:

    Did she say you faff around and make crafts? What a chop! Love this post. Definitely taking some tips from these parts! Especially the precooking. I mean hell… I always need more time!

  2. Yasmin says:

    Ooh, you mentioned ECmeetup. As in blogger meetup? Sorry, I’m new to your blog and have had mine for such a long time. Would love to know more aboutbthe meetup.

    • ella says:

      Yes, it’s an annual blogger meetup and it is awesome even if I do say so myself (check out the #ECMeetup on social media) This year we are having it in in May again 🙂

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