The good thing about running away (Radisson Blu)

So the other day we ran away to Radisson Blu and I would totally do it again.

Life has become crazy lately. I’m so thinly stretched I’ve had fantasies about getting into car crashes just so I could get some hospital time…crazy I know.

After a particularly difficult night when Aidan woke up at 2am and insisted on chatting to me until 4am – keep in mind I need to get up at 5am and only got to bed at 12am, I nearly lost my mind.  So when Radisson Blu offered me a fluffy spa robe over a hospital gown, I jumped at the chance. (Because maybe personal injury just so I can eat jelly in a hospital room is not the best way to go.)
Now I’m not a newbie to hotels. Back in my old life when I was a lifestyle reporter I spent a crazy amount of time in hotel rooms from the Michael Angelo in JHB to the Protea Fire and Ice in Cape Town, I even spent a week at a hotel in Sao Paulo Brazil (humble brag? maybe a little, let me have this). But even though my former self is not new to turn down services and breakfast buffets  I was really impressed by the Radisson Blu. Okay their elevator says you can fit 13 people in there, I sure as heck don’t see that happening, how small are people at “head-quarters”.
Our rooms lounge area (yes our room had a flippen lounge) had one of those windows that go all the way down to the floor so the view is quite literally breath-taking – It’s like floating above the bay in the most amazing way possible. (Granted my husband has a fear of heights and stayed away from it). Rob said I looked like a recipient in one of those Pimp my house/car/life shows when I saw the room, but guys, my view, though…check my view…
The one thing I was not too chuffed about was the lack of door to the bathroom…glass toilet and shower doors don’t do it for me. I’m one of those people who lock the bathroom door when I’m alone at a hotel – can we keep a little something to the imagination. (I know most couple rooms work like this, but me? I like privacy).
Everything else was AMAZING though.We were treated to champagne and chocolates in the room, which I think was part of their Valentine’s special…they have a bunch of specials happening throughout the year so follow their facebook page to stay in the loop.
I was booked in for a hot stone massage at the Camelot Spa, and once I put my Spa fears behind me I was hooked.
The spa staff are so friendly and nice (Over the years I have encountered some spa staff that look at you as if you snuck in there through the back door, HATE snooty staff) which was great and added to my experience. My therapist CJ who is not only a Naturalista but also well-traveled beauty specialist had me so relaxed I almost missed my reservation at the in-house restaurant, Tabu (more about this soon).
The great thing about hotels like the Radisson Blu is that they are so self-sufficient. Although you are right on the beach with a host of touristy attractions at your fingertips, you could probably live in the hotel for days on end and not need anything from outside. Or is that just me and my antisocial tendencies?
I just mean there is a gym, a pool, a spa, free wifi and room service – what more could a girl want, seriously?
Rob and I have decided that we will be doing this runaway thing again soon. We were starting to become solely Aidan’s parents, like business partners in the “try not so screw up your kid” cooperation. But being able to just leave work on a Friday evening. Grab a spa treatment, go for supper and just hang out as a couple is such a great thing, such a needed thing and I sure as heck will do it again.
*Disclaimer, We stayed at Radisson Blu in exchange for the review, but as always the views are 100% my own

3 thoughts on “The good thing about running away (Radisson Blu)

  1. Simone Cameron says:

    Hubby and I stayed there about 3yrs ago. It was divine, definitely an experience.

    I hear you on the parent identity. I was thinking to myself how I just think of myself as ‘mom of 3’…so these breakaways are definitely needed. Pity they didn’t give you a discount code! lol.

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