Tips for DIYing a Minecraft party

Aidan really wanted a Minecraft party, which is all good and well until you look around in party shops and realise just how few Minecraft things are available for purchase. Like nothing locally…. Net mooi nix

So I had to put my DIY skills to good use and pull a cubed rabbit out of a hat (minecraft ref)

So here are my five tips for a DIY Minecraft party

– Colours pull things together

When you’re stuck for a theme pick two dominant colours and pull it through wherever you can. Table cloths, draping, serviettes, anything. I went for green and red, inspired by the game’s creepers and TNT.

– Print what you can’t buy

Printables will save your life. I usually get party labels printed on stickers – the local Down Town printers hook me up and make things much easier. I used this link for free Minecraft printables.

– Get themed snacks

I don’t necessarily go all out when it comes to themed snacks, like it doesn’t need to be Mine-crisps, chips are fine. But themed snacks are a ideal when you need to pull a theme together (especially ones where you can’t buy decor items) I went for cookies from It’s cookie time and cupcakes from a dear friend of mine Lisa.

– Minecraft is all about cubes so bring in the squares

Like Aidan continuesly reminded me, Minecraft is all about cubes, so I brought that aspect in by putting popcorn in square containers, having square cookies and giving rubix cubes as party favors. I opted to make party packs for the adults aswell (why should kids have all the fun) and added square labels.

– Let your activities double as decor

I used themed colouring sheets (with a few crayons taped to each page – use paper tape so the page does not tear when removing crayons) but you can use playdough stations, building stations or so forth. Having Aidan’s party at The Barn, where they have various play areas including a petting zoo, helped as Minecraft has a farm animal aspect.

The biggest thing though is not to be afraid to ask for help. Or at least accept help when offered. With guests with allergies I jumped at the chance to have one of the moms bring over gluten free cupcakes. I also had my friend Ranique help me with set up as she is a flippen Wizz at these things.

What’s your party persona? Are you DIY queen or do you leave it to the professionals?

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