Tips for preserving memories

Preserving memories is suddenly important to me.

This is weird seeing as I am not particularly sentimental. I am really just not a sentimental person, so much so that I’ve wondered if something was wrong with me…why don’t I feel like keeping wedding bouquets or storing the first lock of hair, maybe I lack estrogen. I doubt it though; my hormones have made me cry because we were out of butter so I’m very much estrogen filled. I just can’t be bothered to be honest.

This is until I noticed how much Aidan has grown. At three you can have an actual conversation with him, he is all personality and limbs. The baby-ness is almost completely gone, no more “pweese milkies mommy”, No, we now confidently ask: “May I have some juice please, but not the orange one, I would like apple today”

He is extremely head strong, he knows what he wants and is not swayed by pressure, peer or otherwise. Basically my baby is almost gone and I want to keep some of that wrong pronouncing, sweet smelling, and cuddle up to sleep baby-ness for just a little longer.

This isn’t possible, however, it is possible to preserve memories though and here are some ways to do just that:

Baby clothes keep sakes
    • You can make pillows or quilts from their old clothes
    • A quick fb search could put you in touch with someone who can make soft toys from old clothes
    • My cousin mounted Aidan’s baby clothes on to canvas, which makes a great addition to his room and a memorable keepsake

Hand and foot prints
  • Practically every baby shop sells those plaster moulds you can use to preserve your kids foot print. It is super easy to use and makes a beautiful, non-tacky keep-sake
  • You (your child) can make a own hand print canvas like we did, it is super easy and sweet

Scrap booking
  • I don’t really have the patience to scrapbook but with a program like ScrapBlog  and SmileBox it takes a fraction of the time
  • There is also the option of doing a photobook (you place the pictures in a digital scrapbook and what ever company you chose, prints it for you)
Art pieces
  • I keep Aidan’s art on an art wall in his room
  • Now that the year is over, I will have him pick his nine favourites, I will then take pictures or scan them and then have it printed in A3 size then frame it…I will do the same this every year and eventually I will have neat works of art I can keep long after his little creations look like actual people and animals


Online Journal
  • Part of why I blog is the fact that I can go back and read anecdotes about him growing up, not everyone is okay with letting others in to their personal lives, for that you can create a private blog…invite only. It is a great way to keep pictures and stories
Video Journals
  • Similar to the blog, you can save video interviews of your child. Why not ask the same questions every year and see how your child has grown.
  • In 2015 Aidan was “interviewed” by Amelia for Suddenly a Mom, I interviewed him again but this time on video…see below, and why not SUBSCRIBE to our channel… I have loads of fun things planned



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