Tips for finding that elusive “me time”

I need “Me Time”…this isn’t some New Year resolution; it’s actually mandated by a Dr.

Allow me to explain…

The other day I’m at the office when suddenly I can’t see…SCARY!!! These glasses are not for show so I know all about not seeing, but in the middle of designing a page everything goes blurry and so you kind of freak out. Suddenly I am at the Emergency room with the doctor not being too sure what was wrong with me. They feared it was my sugar levels but turns out that it was a bad eye infection.

I ended up on drops, meds and the instruction “No screen time, plenty of rest” My thoughts went straight to  “Clearly this doctor is insane, she must have received her medical degree from an online service using a expired group-on”.  I’m mean when my screen time and activity levels are  threatened.


This meant for the week leading up to Christmas I had  very limited screen time, did you miss me? I also had to have plenty of rest (guys rest is expensive! It means I’m not working and not earning…fellow freelancers, do you feel me?)  The one good thing that came out of it was the fact that I found I could actually rest.

What is also helping is the fact that my phone’s battery life is currently non existent so I am not nearly as reachable as I always was.

I figure for my health I need to do more of this rest and relaxation thing…me time is a must!

It’s actually how you fill that proverbial cup that people always tell you you can’t pour from if it’s empty

“Take care of yourself because you can’t pour from an empty cup”

How though how does one do this?

These are ways I’m trying to shoehorn some rest into my life…please add any additional tips in the comments and I will let you know how it goes.
  • I get to the office two hours early (logistics and transport) and now instead of jumping on to the computer, I spend time with my daily devotional and also updating my to-do lists
  • We spend some “no technology allowed” time with my son daily, whether we play snakes and ladders or each just sit together and colour in (Rob doesn’t colour in, he will sketch though), it does my soul good
  • I am starting yoga (a group of super awesome bloggers, who I’m pretty stoked even speak to me, have included me in their yoga challenge) and I’m super ready to start this weekend
  • Sometimes I just sit outside in my hammock (which was the best Christmas gift by the way) and breath in the fresh air watching Aidan and Caleb ride around
  • As soon as my finances recover (If any clients who owe me money read this can you press send on that EFT please) I am planning on scheduling adult play dates…going for coffee or grabbing sushi with someone who GETS you makes the world of difference
  • I am surrounding myself with people who don’t sap my energy…I need energizers and am so glad that I have found some.


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