Can wooden toys stack up in a tech world (Tooky Toy review)

So it looks like Tooky Toy wooden play sets have reformed my tech crazy boys…

Aidan and Caleb don’t spend the whole day stuck to the TV or their tablets, they get out, they play in the dirt and cause a whole lot of trouble. However, when it comes to their toys, only buttons and batteries need apply… Until now

Aidan received the Tooky Toy Pattern Pegs and The Construction Builder Set from Baby Womb World to review and it was love at first sight (and naturally he needed to share with his cousin)… His obsession with these wooden toys are a pleasant surprise from the kid who wants to shove batteries in his plush toys so they can “do something”.

– Tooky Toy Pattern Pegs

This 91 piece set comes with a sturdy wooden Peg board, two sided pattern cards and a little cotton bag filled with coloured pegs.

It is easy to use and somehow keeps the kids busy for ages. Aidan loves the colours and gets a kick out of making his own designs. Caleb has a pretty short attention span when it comes to sitting down activities – if you can’t run with it, kick it or hit it, it’s pretty boring – but he has been able to finish a picture on his own, which is great.

The toy is also great for math games and learning patterns, which Aidan loves.

– Tooky Toy Construction Builder Set

This colorful plays set is every little builder’s dream. Aidan loves making things and the set’s chunky design means he can make a range of things without having to ask for help

The set comes with building pieces, wheels and enough nuts and bolts to make a few little machines. It also comes with an instruction booklet, showing you how to make a bunch of fun things,  but this soon becomes redundant as kids explore and test out their building limits…

I looked into the Tooky Toy range and found that this set is compatible with some of the other building sets, which means you can add on and build even bigger and more intricate items.


What mom thinks:
I really like it, I’m not just saying that to spare the feelings of the Baby womb world people, I honestly think it’s super cute. The sturdy chunky design is great for little hands and the bright colours are cheery and fun
What Aidy thinks:
PEG BOARD: “It’s fun colours and so many designs to choose from”
CONSTRUCTION SET: “It is super makeable, the most makeable toy ever”

Check out our video to see the toys in action, and visit to check out their full range. They seem to have items go on sale quite often so bookmark the page. The site is not just a shop however it’s a resource for expecting parents and parents of young kids so you can learn some things and buy some things…but first, our video


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