This was my weekend

As you can see by picture it was an exhausting weekend…added to what has become our usual late nights, tense days and learning to cope in our nw roles we hung out with good friends on Saturday and Aidan slept through his very first play date with twins Blake and Riley (children of Robyn and Ryan) and Gia (daughter of Lyndall and Marvin)… Hehe yes he is still to young for play dates but I honestly can't wait for him to be able to join in with their adorable antics…

-It was mothers day yesterday and "aidan" gave me a MUCH NEEDED spa voucher, deluxe mani pedi here I come!

We went to cemetery aswell which has become a tradition with our family since my gran died in 2005 (she was the matriarch of the family), I also finally went to see my Godmothers grave (missed funeral because Aidan was born) it felt so stupid and wrong! Seeing her name on a grave just makes no sense! I was surprised to find that her grave is surrounded by those of little kids…apt as with almost 30 years of teaching experience she has always surrounded herself with kids.

We also visited Logan's grave and we found a strange and slightly upsetting thing. On Logan's birthday we went to his grave which is covered in grey stones and packed white stones in the shape of a heart and also placed a teddy on head stone (first thing I bought when we found out I was pregnant) …

For some reason someone removed all traces of the heart from his grave 🙁 they actually removed every individual stone which made up the heart but left the teddy – no idea why someone would do that 🙁

Anyway that was my weekend chat soon…

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