How to reuse your cereal containers – NutriStart

Have you been using NutriStart tubs and are now left with empty containers? Well I have a couple of ideas to take the earth guilt out of using these super convenient bowls. Because you guys know up-cycling is our thing around these parts.


My love of my city (Nelson Mandela Bay) has seen me whole heartedly support our biggest exports like Mastertons coffee, Soga organic juice and now a company very close to my heart, NutriStart.

Personally I’m obsessed with their granola and crunchy cereals but the oats bowls have been stacking up because both my husband and father are big fans of the instant oat bowls.

Most of NutriStart’s products are available in bowl form and what I really love is that they have made is super easy to upcycle by making the labeling removable: no soaking the glue and scrubbing the printing.

I’ve found quite a few uses for the bowls but my most favorite is this jewelry making caddy.

What you need

– Empty NutriStart bowls
– Acrylic Paint

What do you do

– This is crazy easy….
– Paint the rims of the various tubs and wait to dry, this helps you with organization and finding a specific bowl of beads quickly based on the colour.
– Decant your beads, charms and elastic cord into the individual bowls without using lids.
– Stack the bowls into each other, small beads don’t take up much space so stacking is very easy and comfortable, the top bowl holds the chunkier items.
– You only need a lid for the top bowl and your extra lids can be used as make shift coasters.

Other ideas for using nutristart tubs

– paint accessories

I use the lid as a palette and the bowl for water and paint brushes. It makes a great addition to a kiddies craft kit as you can keep control over how much paint your use.

– play dough storage

Home made play dough is easy to make, the Nutristart tubs make ideal storage containers, sealing it the freshness

– cooking ahead

The containers are the perfect size for weekly meal prep

– work lunches

These containers make great alternatives to those pesky missing lunch boxes

– sand and water play

The convenient small size is perfect for building sand castles without taking up much space and would fit into you summer kit bag easily

One thought on “How to reuse your cereal containers – NutriStart

  1. Michelle Leslie says:

    These are all great ideas Ella. We have a whole bunch of NutriStart containers at home too. I hate throwing them out, they’re so perfect for storage. My fav is definitely the apple and cinnamon oats

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