Tresemme botanique the good, the bad, the meh

Beauty Bulletin recently hooked me up with Tresemme Botanique and asked me what I thought…

I love telling people what I think so here goes…

Since the Tresemme Naturals vanished off shelves early last year (I stand corrected) Naturals on a budget (like myself) were desperate for an alternative…We spoke about it A LOT! see screen shot below:


So there was a lot of excitement regarding the Botanique because it meant that they weren’t ignoring the natural hair community anymore. But is this new stuff as good as the old stuff (Well what does my hair think anyway)

First things first:

It smells AMAZING!!! I keep finding myself sniffing my hair…It smells great!

The shampoo has a weird consistency (that’s neither here not there as it doesn’t affect its use I just thought, this is rather gluey). But my hair liked it, I did not get that dry shampoo feeling, it cleans well and it doesn’t foam up (which if you’re new to this natural thing is pretty normal for natural products, it’s actually a good sign).

The bottles are 750ml which is great because I laugh at suggestions of “pea sized amounts” For who? for what?

I have a weird problem with Tresemme bottles though, like the shape doesn’t work for me and my tiny hands so I’m always dropping it ALWAYS!!!

The conditioner is a win, like, while I liked the shampoo and will probably end up buying it because of the size and smell and the fact that it’s nice (not OMW wow wow – nice) its okay man like it doesn’t dry my hair out but I’m not that vested in shampoos, it’s the conditioners that I’m interested in.

Here’s my conditioner check list:

Is the bottle nice and big (guys I have sooo much hair)

Does the smell  affect my sinus (I can’t take strong smells)

Does it detangle (Because tangles are the bane of my hair existence)

Does your hair feel soft afterwards (This is where it’s at)

  • 4 out of  4

I’m going to do a video next week where I tell you what I think after a few uses, because with hair products, first impressions matter BUT the impression a while later, that’s what really matters…

Please check in again and let me know what products I   “simply must try”


3 thoughts on “Tresemme botanique the good, the bad, the meh

  1. Liezel says:

    Thank you for having the “does it affect my sinuses” in your checklist. That’s a big factor for me when buying products as most of these products are so highly fragranced it gives me such headaches. I’ll definitely give this one a try as soon as I spot it on the shelves.

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