Vegan not Vegan (when not everyone is going plant based)

When I decided to do the Veganuary challenge my husband basically said… I’m supporting you, but I’m not joining you. Which is quite honestly… Fair enough.

So I thought I’d share a week of suppers to show you what “support, but not joining” looks like in our house. I get many DMs where people say they fear that it would be a giant hassle if everyone isn’t on the same menu… But truth be told it is super doable

It should be noted that Rob does most of the cooking at home and that since 2019. I’ve been primarily plant based / pescatarian while he does meat free Monday in solidarity.

So here’s a week’s worth of vegan not vegan meals in no particular order (the order is where pics happen to be saved) Also if you are curious as to what Aidan ate, it is probably… Air fried chips, veggie based crumpets or wraps with nothing but cream cheese (that’s basically what he rotates through for supper)


Cauliflower florets and gem squash as a side for pork(Rob) and tofu (Me). Our proteins are seasoned with smoked paprika, italian herbs and fried in olive oil. The veg is seasoned with dairy free butter, salt and pepper (we both like when you can taste the vegetables without too many additions)


Here we joined Aidan with his airfryer chips obsession. Rob had his with a steak seasoned with caramalised onion and red peppers. I had mine with pulled Oumph, it is a Fry’s sister brand and I am deeply deeply obsessed with how yummy it is.


Rob made lentil curry and served his with pieces of lamb (why does his serving look so small here and mine looks like an “uncle plate”), my curry was really just delicious lentils. I made some tiny roasted potatoes in the air fryer for added texture – that’s one baby potato, super cute, super yum. I added a tomato, cucumber and onion “salsa” because Rob likes spicy things while I’m a big baby and I find this little salsa salad cuts through the sting. We served it with wild rice.


These wraps are just store bought salad mix, you know the fun one with all kinds of herbs and veggies in. On brown flour wraps. I had mine with one of my favourite Fry’s products. The chicken-style burger patty, while Rob had his with crumbed chicken steaklets. We cooked both the chicken and faux chicken in our airfryers (we have one for meat and one for veg and yes I talk about my airfryers A LOT… I am of that age now)


For some reason this was a tough one to take a picture of. Basically we had baked potatoes with red onion and peppers on mine, and loads of cheese on his, paired with skewers. While Rob had lamb skewers, I had PNP falafels which I stuck on a skewer and cooked in my….guess what… Ding ding ding airfryer.


This was supposed to be a list of 5 meals but, guys! I love Kimchi ramyun wayyyy too much. Rob got it for me as a “gag gift” when I started with my Kdrama and BTS obsession. Now we have this like once a week. The ingredients in the Kimchi says nothing about any animal by-products, so I count it as vegan. Rob prefers the shrimp variety which smells way too much like seafood to not have some sort of seafood in there. I love making mine extra soupy and litterally have it once a week.

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