Why I’m attending the Vital Neonatal Conference

Will you be at the Vital Neonatal conference on the  2nd of December at The Protea Marine Hotel, in Summerstrand? (on the 1st if you are a medical professional?)

I’ve been told that the Baby and Me Parents Day is relevant to all parents of term and preterm babies, carers, pregnant mothers, breastfeeding mothers and parents of multiples, who will gain insight into caring for their children.

Although I don’t have a baby anymore (and probably won’t anytime soon – the 4th of Never nosy lady in the queue, that’s when)  I am going to the Vital Neonatal Conference because I want to learn more. The fact that both my sons spent the first days of their lives in NICU and only one was able to come home with us has put me in a honoured (super scary position). Moms with kids in NICU (or their friends and family) often message me asking for some advice and encouragement and I am not really qualified to send them more than a heart emoji. I’m hoping the conference will enlighten me regarding what to say to them and who I should be putting them in touch with/which direction I should be pointing them in.

The conference promises to provide a vital educational platform  for  Health Care  Professionals and Parents on the best practices  and advancements in neonatal birth , preterm care and child development.

Baby Preemie and Me will be  providing expert education and Promoting Discussions on the Neuroscience of Zero Separation, Infection Control,  Brain and Sensory Development , Nutrition, Advances in Breastfeeding, Newborn Hearing Screening,  Skin to Skin and much more by facilitating early education where it matters the most.

The Speakers attending the Vital Neonatal Conference will be:

  • Dr Jack Newman – Breast Feeding Clinic Founder: Toronto (and Queen’s Jubilee Award recipient);
  • Judy Moore – NATUS Medical Incorporated – Senior Marketing Manager, Clinical;
  • Dr Nils Bergman (Swedish)- Public Health Physician and Honorary Lecturer at UCT;
  • Mrs Jill Bergman – Author, Producer – specifically in the arena of “Kangaroo Mother Care” and;
  • Ms Chantelle Witten – Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Health Sciences at UWC.

Should you be interested in attending this conference please make a booking by visiting this website: www.Babypreemieandme.com or emailing them at contact@babypreemieandme.com.


PS. They start early (8.30am) but I have been promised coffee on arrival. There will also be food and goodybags worth R1899 . Tickets are R350pp and you can book through the links above.

Also if you book through me you get a discount!… 30% discount off the Saturday price of R350… so it would be: R245pp.


3 thoughts on “Why I’m attending the Vital Neonatal Conference

  1. Venean says:

    Can’t wait to attend 🙂 see you there! This is an absolutely biggie for PE and I really hope it is well supported. So awesome that we get to be educated on these topics as they are things people don’t give us enough information on! <3

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