Cauliflower “rice”

So I’m still  on my get healthy avoid carbs and sugar due to insulin resistance trip….
I’ve heard about this cauli-rice thing and was intrigued as I love cauliflower and am avoiding rice…
There are tons of recipes on the net but this is my take on it, using frozen cauliflower because I’m just bad like that, hehe

My cauliflower rice paired soooo well with Rob’s pilchard stew, yum yum
I used frozen cauliflower, veggie purists ,  I beg your pardon, hehe
Poured boiling water over it to defrost
Stuck it in blender, and blended
This is consistency you are looking for
Stick in pan with dash of  oil and spice of your choice – I used garlic butter and mixed herbs
then pan fry and enjoy 🙂

I really like it hey, okay so it doesn’t taste like rice but it’s great texture-wise and makes a nice substitute

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