How to get the most out of SA public holidays

As someone with a flexible work schedule, you would think I wouldn’t care about SA public holidays. “Aren’t your holidays when you make them Eleanor?”
NO! and I haven’t had a real break since mid 2016 so don’t test me. I want to be googling return flights to Cape Town with the intention of hopping onto a plane and not just helping my technophobe aunt book a flight. But for that to happen I need some careful planning.

I also need money, but first things first, how can I organise my life and my husbands in a way that we are actually off at the same time and that he, as a government employee who actually gets SA public holidays off, can make the most of his leave days…For that I have collaborated with Travelstart to share some not so secret secrets.

I feel sort of sneaky sharing this info graphic with you (to totally save for later) like I am tricking bosses around South Africa and getting the most out of the SA public holidays. But we got to do what we got to do. Also I am not permanently employed by anyone so can’t get into trouble (such a brown noser)

Using this method you can maximise your leave in:
March – take 5 leave days, spend 10 days at home
April-May – take 2 leave days, spend 6 days at home
August – take 3 leave days, spend 6 days at home
September – take 1 leave days, spend 4 days at home
Then the holy grail December-January– take 10 leave days, spend 20 days at home

Now armed with this knowledge you can have holidays while saving leave days for those unexpected school plays and sports days and meanwhile we can start googling those Cheap Flights From Johannesburg To Cape Town and take a break before your co-workers “suggest” you take a few days off for “stress”.

#AD “This post was done in collaboration with Travelstart.”

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