I want Rain this Christmas (Rain Africa, not actual rain)

So today’s gift idea is Rain Africa’s Biologie Manketti and Star Flower Body Scrub as well as the Biologie Coconut and Shea intense hydration…



Rain Africa has a ton of great products, remember the moisturisers I told you about? Well their website has tons more awesome things like this. But honestly the body scrub gives me life

Firstly, I don’t know if I’m a little old to say things give me life, is that a young person thing? Any ways I LOVE it. I got my hands on this beauty when after my moisturizer review, Rain reached out and said that if my skin is truly as bad as I said…Sponge Bob in the Sahara, chalk board legs, that sort of thing…I should try the Biologie range.

When it arrived I thought, ooooh pretty, I also did a happy dance because I was dying to try out the scrub. Confession: #ECMeetup guests I may or may not (I did) have felt up your goodibags hoping to get one… Because I know the benefits of removing dead skin, but alas I couldn’t find  one.

Anyway the jars are so pretty…Always something I look for in a Christmas Gift, packaging!

Another confession: I think Manketti sounds like male confetti, like instead of little hearts it is like little mustaches or something, hahaha, it isn’t it’s oil from an African tree, but still, manketti!!!

The scrub smells of wild flowers and rainfall (ooooh I could totally review wine,you know how they are always saying stuff like reminiscent of grass cuttings and jasmine, or some such thing)

But yes it smells really good, not a everyday smell, like you cant quite put your finger (nose?) on it.

It feels AMAZING! Honestly whatever oils they use is so luxurious and moisturizing you don’t even need to use moisturizer after it.

But since I received the Intense hydration (think hair mask but for your hands and feet) I simply had to try that out too.

In fact I decided to use it to give myself a bit of a home pedicure, I scrubbed my feet with the scrub and closed my eyes and sniffed in the scent and for a moment I wasn’t surrounded by Legos and discarded art projects. I was in a fancy “mind spa”. I added the saltz bath salts to a relaxing foot bath and finished off with the moisturizer, then slicked on some Woolies JTOne , ‘Pretty Paint’ nail polish


It felt amazing! Admittedly it also takes a while to absorb, I am not a patient patient people! But it is super worth it.



This gets my sign of approval and I’ve seen that they have the cutest lip balms which would make super duper stocking fillers at R79 a pop…Check it out


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