Oral health tips for the entire family  (and a chance to win)

On this here, World Oral Health Day I thought I would share a few oral health tips for the ENTIRE FAMILY , also, in partnership with Andolex  I’m giving away a  Oral B electric toothbrush worth R 350.00 and some Andolex Antibacterial Mouthwash (which is what we use at home these days)

I say entire family because as with most things we are so focused on the kids that we let our own everything (including oral health) fall by the way side

Show of hands if anyone here has a bargain basement toothbrush while their child’s has an orthodontist’s sign of approval and maybe even plays a tune indicating the exact amount of brush time needed.

I’m pretty good on oral health (well I have a toothbrush in my bag for when I’m running late and have to brush at the office) but when Aidan went to his first dental appointment the other day and the dentist sang his praises for a healthy mouth (apart from falling and busting a tooth) I couldn’t help but run my tongue over my own teeth and gums and wonder if my mouth would come back with such a stellar report.

Bad oral health is related to a bunch of physical ailments due to the bacteria produced, and  as a diabetic I know it is increasingly important to take care of my oral healthy because of a compromised immune system requiring a much longer healing time.

So with this in mind, with all our health in mind, I’m sharing signs to look out for as well as tips for maintaining a healthy mouth. Go on, treat yourself as well as you treat your kids.



5 possibly signs of gum disease include:

  • Red, swollen or tender gums
  • Pain in the gum area
  • Signs of bleeding after brushing, flossing or eating certain foods
  • Signs of teeth loosening or separating
  • Inflammation or puss between gums and teeth


Tips for maintaining a healthy mouth:

Following a dental care routine which includes flossing and twice daily brushing can remove plaque build-up, and help prevent periodontal disease. Furthermore, eating a balanced diet that is high in fruits and vegetables and low in sugar, not smoking and avoiding excessive alcohol consumption can further assist in good oral health.

Fortunately, there is a range of nonprescriptive dental care products available at pharmacies that can help prevent and relieve common oral health problems like gingivitis. Speak to your dentist or go to www.andolex.co.za for more information about how to prevent many common oral health problems.

Adopt a good oral health routine from an early age and ensure that you have regular dental checkups.


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DISCLAIMER: This editorial includes independent comment and opinion of the author and is not necessarily that of iNova Pharmaceuticals.     


8 thoughts on “Oral health tips for the entire family  (and a chance to win)

  1. Nadine Larter says:

    I’ve recently started using an alcohol free mouthwash and I must admit it seems to be making a difference. And bonus: it doesn’t burn. Granted it’s kind of “salt” flavoured so that was something to get used to but ultimately not too bad.

  2. Michelle thompson says:

    Brush morning and night
    Floss and lots of water helps to
    Cleanses the body and helps with fresh breath

  3. Nadine says:

    My personal favourite tip for maintaining oral health is to whiten my stained teeth by mixing toothpaste, baking soda and lemon juice and brushing my teeth. Not only does it whiten teeth but also leaves my mouth feeling fresh. Also, whenever I run out of mouthwash, I add a couple of mint leaves to warm water, allow it to cool down and use it as mouthwash….once again its very effective.

  4. Anusha Naidoo says:

    Brushing teeth twice daily, once in the morning and at night. This prevents plaque build up, teeth are cleaned, protected and fresh breath as well.

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