What a night out taught me…

I went out on a girls night for the first time in forever! We ended up at a night club which I haven’t done since New Years 2013/2014 (I kid you not) …here is what the experience taught me:

not here yet at least…

– tights are now pants, regardless of size of wearer or translucency of tights it is no longer a necessity to cover your bum.
– bare midriff tops do not require particularly toned tummies or flat ones, it’s a free for all especially when paired with tights
– men’s pants are tiiiight now, leave something to the imagination people! between the men’s jeggings and women’s tights, night club is basically a pop quiz for a gynecology/urology students
– my music is now “old school” I actually heard a girl say “well that is waaaay before my time”
– takkies are the shoe of choice (not sneakers, no, I just jumped off a treadmill takkies) not even paired with a hot little number like on the runways or as seen on Rihanna… yes heels make some women walk like new born giraffes but gym clothes and club clothes should not be the same thing (sudden thought,maybe  they’re rocking slinky dresses in zumba class)
– it gets “late” much earlier, while we used to curse our curfews and swear we would stay up till the next morning dancing till sunrise “once we could” we never do.
– no matter how old you get, a good friend always makes for a great night
*disclaimer, I used to dress rather risqué “if it covers my butt it’s a dress” so party on girls 🙂 just be safe, I’ll be over here watching series in my onsie, till next time.



4 thoughts on “What a night out taught me…

  1. chevslife.com says:

    Glad to hear that you enjoyed your night out, even if it was a bit of a shock to the system. I too question the stockings that are now worn as tights, leaving very little to anyone's imagination!

  2. Kavitha Rj says:

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