The upside of unemployment

Disclaimer: Okay firstly I don’t take unemployment lightly. I know it’s tough (I’ve spent a lifetime on job sites for myself, friends and family – I have wiped tears, my own and theirs when rejection letters came and cursed companies that don’t have the decency to reject you) I know that there are far too little jobs to go around and I know there are people starving because of this.

The type of unemployment  I’m referring to is the type you choose , the type you signed up for, the unemployed on paper (so no one pays your medical aid and pension but you) but working your butt off in real life type of unemployment.

I’ve been “unemployed” for a year now – FaceBook reminded me yesterday.

I have been working though, I did online translation , tutoring, photography, freelance writing and have been sewing my butt off…

At the moment I do design and layout for my old company, I’m in the middle of a big freelance writing project, I run ohboykids (with help – thank goodness), I blog and am planning a blogging event.

Being “unemployed” is helping me find what I love (because I am not tied down to just one thing)… its making me more financially savvy – When one month looks like Woolies and the next looks like Pep…you need to learn to budget.

I chose what I want to get involved in and I have had to learn to be more organised – killer time management skills, people.

I have found a whole other side of the job market. People relying on each other and entrepreneurs uplifting each other. Support groups, pod casts, overflowing inboxes and whattsapp  groups where like minded people are ready to help where they can.

Sometimes I long for security. For knowing how much money I have to work with every month and working myself up through the ranks.

But mostly I’m so deeply thankful.

For the bosses and clients who trust me enough to request my involvement in projects. For a husband and son who give me the time I need to make things happen. For the ability  to do all these different things and for the deep joy I get from being creative every single day….

I went into this with certain expectations. But you know what they say, life is what happens while you are making plans. So I’m not a stay at home mom like I had hoped (it was NOT for me, now we know, hehehe) but I do have the business I always wanted-albeit small- and a knowledge that things can only go up from here.

Very excited to see what the future holds…

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