Who wore it better: Kid’s fashion vs Hollywood

I love kid’s fashion! there I said it,  kid’s fashion is a parenting plus for me
This post is especially for my cousins who tease that I like to play dress up with Aidan…. I admit that I do, it’s part of the fun of having a kid…and I must enjoy it while he still lets me dress him… I thought it would be funny to look at some of his outfits and compare it to celebs – just because I can…. So here goes:  kid’s fashion vs celeb fashion

Who wore it better? Aidy vs Hollywood

Slouchy Beanie: Aidy or Ashton Kutcher


Leather Jacket: Aidy or Diggy Simmons


Letterman jacket and beanie combo: Aidy or Attitude


Letterman Top: Aidy or Justin Beiber


Printed scarf: Aidy or Drake


Wool Scarf: Aidy or Brad Pitt


I think Aidan wins all the way 🙂
*It should be noted I just did this for a laugh by matchinbg picture I had with celebs on the net,  I do not have the time or resources to dress Aidan after celebs…Super Cute Though

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