Why I avoid social media on Sundays

It probably sounds rather odd for a blogger who works as a social media manager to avoid social media on any day, but recently it has become a bit of a necessity.

I found myself getting a little too attached to my phone and since I don’t have any deadlines on a Sunday I decided it was the best day to avoid social media and the whole experiment has been rather interesting.

Why I decided to avoid social media

– I found myself comparing myself to everyone else on my time line and (spoiler alert) they all seem to being doing way better than me
– Likes and unfollowers started to matter and not only for my clients (which would make sense) but for my own profiles and the “please love me” look was not cute
– I was missing out on real life experiences and interactions because my face was always buried in my phone
– I never got a break from work. With my various jobs I find that I can keep a better handle on things if I do/schedule tasks right when they are assigned, but doing this 24/7 was extremely tiring and quite frankly anxiety inducing

What does avoiding social media mean for me

– The plan is to basically avoid my phone from 8am to 8pm every Sunday but some days I go completely cold turkey
– When I say “avoid social media” I mean Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even WhatsApp and email
– It does not include the internet as a whole, I’m not a robot… So Netflix and YouTube is a safe zone

How is it going

– Some days are tough, I have this annoying habit where I worry that not having my phone on could have really bad repercussions, like somehow I will switch my phone on and have all these SOS messages and I wasn’t there to do anything
– I do think its good for me though, I am more in the moment, I take naps and I read. Also, avoiding social media on a Sunday makes it easier for me to put my phone down on other days. To not be on my phone when people are trying to talk to me. To live in the moment and schedule work better. I even put my phone on airplane mode at 9pm in the week now too, otherwise I get too tempted to work even later than the usual 11pm
– I want to teach by example, my son loves his tablet and Xbox, A whole lot, so I have to keep reminding him that life goes on offline as well.

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