Why I blog…

Skinner van myself/Spread rumours about myself 
People often ask me (and fellow bloggers) why they would be so open with their lives, I guess everyone has their own reason…here is mine
If I was doing something shady I might not be as open about my weekends – seeing as visits to the park would be replaced with human trafficking and that would be oh so AWKWARD for you all!
But honestly, I blog for the mom who lost her child and who doesn’t know that it’s totally okay to cry and wish you were dead and hate everyone for a moment or a few moments (Even if it’s years later) and then be happy again.
I blog for the mom who has a kid after loss and is a morbid mess wondering when this one will die. I blog so that she knows she is not alone and knows that it’s okay to love again.
I blog for the little girl who thought she had the worst hair in the world because it’s not straight and can’t be tamed by a mere brush and now has no idea how to untangle her mane (loads of conditioner people)
I blog for the craft lover who wants to make things because making things rock and sales on stationery are SO GREAT! But DIY on a budget is even better.
I blog for the woman struggling to stick to a diet and exercise program and struggling to stretch her buck – because that’s me.
I blog for the mom  who is not too sure if she any good at this moming thing.
I blog because I’m an average everyday woman who thinks, hey “why not me?”
This is why I blog because I have a thousand thoughts in my mind and no filter.
I don’t mind that people know I struggle with depression and anxiety or that I would rather hide the dishes when you come over than wash them – because I’m lazy and I don’t mind that people know I’m human.
I’m fallible, oh so fallible, a little too fallible but I’m also talented (don’t you dare roll your eyes at me) and sometimes I’m funny (not when I want to be though *crickets*). Whether I’m at home eating simba chips on bread or I’m out eating sushi with rose water mojitos, I usually have something to say and this blog is the place I get to say it.
I can have deep conversations about socio-economic causes and even deeper ones about kiddies party décor.
Basically I love writing and that’s why I blog.
I love interacting with people and I love having people interact with me and this right here is why I blog… because: WHY NOT

– If you blog what is your main reason?
– If you read blogs what is your main reason?

10 thoughts on “Why I blog…

  1. Samantha Antonio says:

    I'm a blogger, and I blog because I love writing and, like you, I love sharing my insights with others 🙂 I know there are people out there like me that can benefit from reading what I have to say… So yeah… That's why I blog 🙂

  2. Venean Bosch says:

    I agree this blog right herreeeeee….. ❤ I blogged to say here I am..this is is me and because I find it therapeutic..oh people read it? Who would thought *bonus*

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