Curly Countdown with Evangeline

Today’s curly hair countdown comes courtesy of one of my closest friends growing up, Evangeline πŸ™‚
Neither of us wore our hair  curly back then (high school) so I was pleasantly surprised to see her rocking her natural curls!!! she is def one of my hair crushes πŸ™‚

1. Curly hair pic
See below

2. misconception about curly hair

1.That it’s difficult and unmanageable- yes it can be, but if you get into a routine it can become manageable.
2.That all curly hair is the same.

1.Curly hair is more dry than straight hair- I suggest a oil treatment/ deep conditioning treatment at least once a week
2.I like change my shampoo every few months.
3.Use a protein infused conditioner as this helps with frizz and creates shine
products or activities 

1. Conditioner 
2. Leave in conditioner – for every day use
3. A diffuser- to give a fuller look
4. Oil treatment- I love the VO5 oil treatment

5. Facts about myself
1.I didnt always love my hair, (I know shocker right)when I was younger I wanted straight hair. Now I’m loving my curly hair and proud to be all natural.
2.I’m a belieber.#Justinistheman
3.My hair is my favorite part of my body
4.Im a coffee addict. My second love a bookworm. Love to curl up with a great read.

4 thoughts on “Curly Countdown with Evangeline

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