Your Microblading questions answered

A while back I signed up as an ambassador for Sirens Cove in Uitenhage. Sirens Cove is a brow bar (an extention of Sailor Joe’s tattoo parlor) that does all kinds of treatments from traditional tinting and threading to henna and microblading.

I am now a few weeks post microblading and loving my results, so I thought I’d share with you guys

The owner of Sirens Cove, Lisa, has training certificates up the wazoo and has a bit of a brow obsession. She won’t let you leave until you are 100% happy. She also does face mapping with all her brow shaping sessions which is great as most of us are just winging it here.

Since getting my brows done at Sirens Cove I’ve had many questions come my way so I thought I’d share the answers to my most frequently asked questions so here goes:

– Is it really like tattooing your face?

Well I suppose in a way it is, as ink is introduced to your skin’s surface. But they do not use tattoo equipment it’s a micro blade… Get it, get it.

– Does it hurt?

It’s not,not painful. Haha.  You can feel it sting, but it’s really more uncomfortable than sore. Like scratching on your skins surface.

– Do you get pain treatment?

Numbing gel is part of the process and will give you that weird dentist face afterwards. But trust me I’d rather get microbladed than threaded (hope that gives you a pain scale of sorts)

– Is it safe?

Much like at their brother business Sailor Joe’s, hygiene is super important. Everything is sterilized, gloves are always used and the ink is high grade (I’m told it’s PMU pigments not tattoo ink which is apparently very important) also you have to fill in quite a form to make sure all health scenario are taken into account.

– Is the transformation instant?

Yes, but also no. You look good on day one and two, even three, but the days following you will loose some brow hair and undergo some fading. Don’t freak out and send your brow artist pictures of your face with scared face emojis. While praying to God that you won’t mess with your looks again if he just let’s your brows grow back. This (the fading, not my dramatics) is normal and in a few days it darkens again.

– Is the touch up session compulsory

At some places it’s even included in the price because it’s so needed. The touch up is where they can see if there are any sections that need redoing or darkening and after that you are all set.

– How long does it last?

Everyone’s skin is different so they can’t give you a “to the date” amount of time but the general rule is that it lasts a year and a half.

– Is it worth the money spent?

Honestly, if you aren’t happy with your brows this will cut out all the fiddling with your brows while doing your makeup. You can actually go without makeup and be assured that your brows are on point. A few years ago (months even) brows weren’t that important but now people notice. So getting your brows done becomes like “doing your nails”. Nothing bad will happen if you don’t, but, it does make you look more polished and you get to be lazy and not look it. I would definitely do it again even with my own money.

– Is it a one size fits all treatment?

Nope, there are various options from shading to ombre (pictures below) you also get your face mapped so it’s perfectly suited for your face and eye shale and you get to choose from a range of ink colours.

– are you just suggesting Sirens cove because you are an ambassador for them

– Are you just suggesting Sirens Cove because you are an ambassador for them?

No, I’m also suggesting them because Lisa is a good friend of mine. Hahahaha but in all seriousness I have other friends with businesses and I don’t necessarily promote them as their product/service isn’t something that I’d go for. In the same way I know not all my friends (or family members for that matter) read my blog and it’s totally cool. But I suggested Lisa to friends way before our colab, she is very committed and talented and her studio is so pretty you feel like you are actually treating yourself. I feel like whoever I promote is a reflection of me and currently I’m loving my reflection… The brow part at least.

If you want to contact them Facebook is the best option or you can WhatsApp her on 084 390 3443  and if you are one of ten people to start the convo  with #justellabella you will be eligible for 10% off shading and 20% off microblading

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