Reviewing Locke & Key

In the interest of honesty, can I just say that I have not personally watched Locke & Key, but Odette did and these are her thoughts

If you tell me a series:

  1. Is based on a comic book;
  2. Is about magic; and
  3. Actually there isn’t a C, you had me at A.

So I started watching Locke and Key basically the second it was added to Netflix (see list above), and this was my take:

Locke & Key (2020)

Basic plot: After her husband is murdered, Nina Locke loads her three children in a car and moves them to the small town where their father grew up – where they learn that magical keys let them do just about anything they want. (OK, I’m not really making it sound as appealing as Netflix made it sound for me.)

How it was (probably) pitched to the producers: Again, see list above.


*This may contain minor spoilers but nothing that will ruin the story for you.

– Aaron Ashmore was my favourite Canadian ginger teen crush growing up, so it makes me sad to see him as someone’s very vanilla uncle.

– Why do adults never listen to children who say they hear voices in an old, very spooky-looking house? If my hypothetical child did that, I would legit burn down the house.

– The oldest brother is kinda cute in a very generic, early 2000s way. (It’s OK to comment on this, because the actor is 25; I looked it up to make sure I wasn’t being creepy.)

– Scot with one T might be the only character who has normal reactions to things.

– It really feels like a waste to put pink streaks in one’s hair, only to wear it exclusively in a ponytail for the REST OF TIME.

– At first, I thought the teens were really bad at decision-making, but then I realised they really do the best they can with the poor decision-making skills they learned from the previous generation. (Which is to say, wow these people are bad at life and logic.)

Bottom line: I watched the whole first season in a day and a half, and I am still not actually convinced I liked it. The premise is interesting and the soundtrack is strong, but the characters are just frustrating at times, in many different ways.

Will the man in your life like it?

Whether he likes it or dislikes it will depend entirely on how he enjoys the plot, not on his man-brain.

Watch this if you like:

  • Scenes involving creepy mirror reflections
  • Fantasy adventure stories that aren’t hard to follow (just vague)
  • Shouting at your TV screen like the characters can hear you and make better decisions based on your loud but sensible advice

*DISCLAIMER: Netflix reviews by Odette Parfitt

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