Zimpli Kids slime review

Would your kids jump at the idea of being covered in slime or jelly? Mine too for some unknown reason, and the idea is not as outlandish as I thought.

Zimpli kids asked me if I’d be keen to slime my kids (Aidan and his cousins) and I agreed to it because I am a liker of things, who likes to share opinions with you guys. We tried out two different “turn you bath into slime” kits and I’m here with the slimey tea.

Which Zimpli kids products did we try out?

Gelli Baff 

A unique  fun bath time product that lets you turn water into goo and back again!  By adding   Gelli Baff  powder to water, you can create a thick colourful goo. By simply adding a second ‘dissolver’ powder, the goo turns back to coloured water to be drained away safely and easily.

Slime Baff   

Turns your bath water into a gooey, oozy bath of slime. By just adding more water, the slime can be diluted into coloured water that can be safely drained away. 

What did mommy think?

I think that using this IN THE BATH is the most sensible way to use it.  We did it in bathtubs outside at first  to reduce the mess and the tub fell over and the world was a slippery slimey mess that the cats would not come near. Luckily this was after a lot of fun was had.

Using it in the bath I could just add the powder to the Gelli and watch it go down the drain no mess no fuss (Okay the boys were a tad slimey after but a quick shower saw to that.) The kids love love loved it. I was glad to know that it is 100% safe on skin, stain free, non-toxic. Aidan, ever the scientist mixed the products together to see what the reactions would be. I had to drag the boys away and hide the zimpli kids boxes.

Would I buy again?

I actually picked some zimpli kids slime for a gift (on takealot  ) It’s just so cool to watch the kid’s reaction as water turns into slime or gelli  in-front of their very eyes. The ooohs and aaaahs are enough to balance out the slimey footprints.

What did the kids think?

This video will give you a rough idea of the crazy fun that was had

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