1 minute gluten and “sugar” free chocolate pots

So today marks day one of my FOODIE FRIDAY series
Since being diagnosed as insulin deficient I have had to make quite a few changes and have had to learn to make “safe” foods, I thought why not take you guys with me on the journey of finding yummy guilt free foods…
My recipes are mostly from the internet and magazine’s which I then alter to suit my needs…
This one was inspired by THIS

First one!!!

Gluten free “sugarless” chocolate pots

Yummy yummy 🙂


2 tablespoon cocoa
1/4 spoon baking powder
one egg
1 tablespoon of sweetener (your choice)
Block of sugar free chocolate
Mix everything

put into containers , I used two small bowls and popped a piece of chocolate in each
Before popping into microwave for one minute (just a minute I swear)
Added some flake on top for Robin – The recipe makes for fluffy cakes but slightly dry so the addition of the chocolate counters that nicely….VERY chocolaty and just around 100 calories, 60 without chocolate
Used same recipe with choc chips to make a brownie for Aidan’s Valentine’s picnic at school today
not sure how it held up, the others were eaten out of the oven….

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