The thing about feeling thankful


Things are actually pretty good and I hate to say it (because its overused) BUT I feel #blessed. But seriously I’m feeling thankful

I figure I share my dark days with you, I should do the same with my good days (so at the very least you can take me off suicide watch)

I realised things were going well when I was down to my default complaints…My butts too big and my wallet is too small… Jip when I am back to feeling like both 2 broke girls (combined weight and net worth) I’m doing pretty good.

All jokes aside, things are coming up Eleanor these last two weeks (knock on wood like a woodpecker on cocaine) I figure it’s good to be thankful…

Last week Oh!BoyKids hit the shelves at The Country Kitchen in Uitenhage, then the event I plan with my fellow blogger Luchae ,#ECMeetup, was featured in the local paper, then I got my assistant back, then I was interviewed on radio and no one disowned me, then I was asked to stock my car bags on an amazing  online store  known as Babe bee products, then I got my things stocked at a brand new kids place in PE called Coffee&Kids company and today I was featured in the paper I used to write for (like my name isn’t by “written by” it’s by “written about”-not that that’s a thing-but it is pretty cool). I also have my first weekly feature on MyHeraldLive which is a big deal to me. This means that apart from the odd project here and there I now write for Tums2Tots, a weekly property paper and this blog right here and for Timesmedia. Super duper happy emoticon.

Sometimes you just have to take a step back and be like hey! Things are actually pretty cool… breath in that moment and be like YOU GOT THIS!

what are you thankful for?

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