8 budget beauty tips from our last Uth experience event

I come bearing budget beauty tips!!! My first Uitenhage experience event is done and dusted and as we look forward to the next one – which features as seen on TV crafting queen, Charlene Potgieter – I thought I’d share what we learn’t this month.

The first event was a beauty basics class with MUA(amongst other things) Ranique Roberts. She is a wealth of beauty and make-up info, like seriously! Ranique shared quite a bit of info with us and was so popular that we managed to convince her to come to Uitenhage again for a part two. But before that, let me share some of the budget beauty tips I happened to jot down during her talk. She spoke about so much but you know me and budget friendly.

Budget Beauty tips you need in your life

  • You do not need a million brushes at once so don’t break the bank untill you know what you want and need: you can build up your set. The basics seem to be a flat concealer brush, a fluffy face powder brush, a firm-bristled angled brush for brows, a small eye shadow brush and a medium-width eye shadow brush
  • Baby shampoo makes a good brush cleaner (it’s gentle and hypoallergenic win win)
  • The net bags you buy fruit and vegetables in (orange bags) makes for a good brush scrubber. Just fold it up and rub your brushes over the surface.
  • When you are starting out and still playing around, you don’t need to go high end, drugstore make-up like Essence is very affordable and the quality is quite good
  • Avon has a priming and setting spray that works really well for only R50 (The price might change so get on that)
  • Start with a good skincare routine because you use more product covering problem skin (remember when I tried the Ohso Heavenly skincare range, I’m testing Justine at the moment and will let you guys know
  • Hair gel can work as brow gel (more reasons to try out my diy gel recipe)
  • A lip liner pencil can double as a lip tint if you find your lipstick does not last long
Pictures: By Grace Photography

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