My first Uitenhage event is beauty themed and ready to roll

So you may have heard that I’ve teamed up with Agape Coffee Shop in Uitenhage to host #uthexperience events every month for the rest of the year. The first event is on August 9 and we are ready to roll.

So what is Uitenhage experiencing first? A beauty basics class and mini photo exhibition brought to you by a bunch of amazing women, on woman’s day nogal and completely coincidental.

The first woman I got onboard is Ranique Roberts (pictured with me), she is a professional make-up artist specialising in stage make-up. A skill she shares with her theater students. She will be answering basic beauty questions for those of us who are a little late to the game. Infact we are encouraging all ladies to bring their make-up bag along and bombard her with questions such as…. Soooo what does this do.

Then I have Deona Mould of Grace photography. She is doing our event photography and while we were chatting about plans for the day she told me about this beautiful concept she was working on. She set up a body positivity photoshoot for her portfolio and I decided that it would be a perfect addition to the beauty themed event. So we will be displaying her strikingly raw pics at the event with messages from all her models on what beauty means to them. What we; a short, pleasantly plump afro’d brown girl and a tall, red headed, freckled white girl are hoping to show is that beauty does not have to subscribe to just one format.

(other women are actually helping me thank the models for stripping down emotionally and physically… Greenfairy products, Sirens Cove, and The littlest book shop)Then I got a call from a Uitenhage based event planner, Jazlin George from Events by Jazlin, who floored me when she suggested we team up for the rest of the year. So our #uthexperience events will be stunning and on theme (oooh I like a pulled together theme, people) because she will be creating backdrops for each event that ties in with our themes.

Then, remember how I said that at each event I want the guests to leave with a special gift? Well Juandre Swanepoel of Tell Your Tale in Port Elizabeth is helping me steal my guests hearts. Her business focuses on party design and decor, all the little things that pull things together. You know, photo boards, gifts for guests, table decor, message books, all the wow aspects, she’s a wow expert.

Woolworths Beauty Walmer Park has added a little something to the gift aswell and my heart is overflowing with gratitude for the assistance of Waheeda Williams the beauty manager who is eager to support local, and promote local, especially if there’s a charity angle.

Lastly are women who helped out in their personal capacity… My not so baby sister, Anthea who will be hosting the event with me – basically a well dressed skivvy and I love her for it. Shout out to my friends Jenine and Zaheera who sat up with me, till our kids called a time out, making pretty wooden bracelets which will act as thank yous for everyone who brings sanitary pads to donate. Also my friend Bernie of bydfree who sponsored super fancy (wish I didn’t have to share) elderflower and lemon syrup for our welcome mocktails… You guys rock.

I’m one of those annoying people that aren’t big on woman’s month because I feel like it indirectly makes the other 11 months men’s month, but this year I’m feeling so empowered by the women around me. I’m feeling girl power and yasssss queen to the power of #bosslady!

We only have 30 seats available and half are already gone so do sign up, we don’t care about age or gender as long as you are keen to learn beauty basics, I’ll see you there….Tickets Available Here

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