I found the best-priced skincare range (for my face)

Well, at least I think I did. I was looking for the best-priced skincare range because on one hand it’s practically cheaper to fill the car with champagne than petrol these days and on the other hand, I am way too grown to not have skin care regimen of some sort.
So when Oh So Heavenly asked me to try out one of their product ranges I thought, it was as good a time as ever to start looking after my skin properly.

The great thing about Oh So Heavenly is that they have good quality products at affordable prices so if ever I was going to find the elusive “best-priced skincare range” this would be a good place to start.
They have various options when it comes to face care, they have a product to even out your skin tone,  reduce shine and reduce the signs of aging, I went for the most neutral of the options, the Healthy Balance range enriched with hydrating omegas 3+6, repairing vitamins and conditioning milk proteins.
I have fairly good skin. I mean it let me get away with 33 years of only using face products to occasionally scrub off makeup, for special occasions or in the case of masks, for a fun treat on girls nights. So I did not want to shock it with anything too harsh. 

The products I tested from the Healthy Balance range were…

The facial wipes (R49.45)
I don’t often use facial wipes because of the whole reducing my waste thing, but for the rare occasion that I have a full face of make-up, these are so awesome. I had a whole face beat situation from The Beauty Store and it removed all traces of my fierceness, hehe. But seriously it works well, and I did not even have crazy raccoon eyes in the morning. Naturally, mascara reappeared overnight (is that just me?) but it was minimal. It is also alcohol-free and does not leave that weird oily residue that some wipes tend to do.
The 3 in 1 Spa facial (R69.95)
It can be used as an exfoliating scrub, deep cleanser or balancing mask, talk about value for money. Here’s the cool thing, it works as a mask (masks are the skin care products I am most familiar with, my bestie and I are “mask and wine night” pros) It really works as a rejuvenating mask, It isn’t a bad exfoliating face scrub either, the only place I’d deduct points is as a face wash. It’s a little to thick for my liking, but I found mixing it with water helps.
SPF15 Day Cream (R69.95)
I am definitely guilty of only occasional sun protection. Like days on the beach, hikes, general outdoorsy-ness I will slather myself in SPF10000000 but day to day I’m usually very like, “the sun won’t even know I’m awake”. I have been told that this is bad for my skin and that I should always wear a light protecting cream, so this is great for that. It is also very fast absorbing and does not leave my skin feeling sticky.
Night Cream  (R69.95)
If I’m not accustomed to day cream you best believe I was never the night cream type, but I am remembering to use this (5 out of 7 days count) and it seems to be helping with the weird dry spot between my eyes. It’s creamy and light and feels like the more luxurious version of the day cream.
All in all, I liked it, I’m referring to it as the best-priced skincare range for my face because for R300 I can be sorted for a while. I have tried more expensive ranges some of which have given me more of a wow effect, but this is good value for money and my skin is loving it. Also, I have decided to skip the whole foundation/base thing, so looking after my skin is more important than ever. 
 Have you tried this would you call it your best-priced skincare range? Incase you are interested you can pick up these products right now for 3 for 2 at Clicks 

3 thoughts on “I found the best-priced skincare range (for my face)

  1. Jenine Marneval says:

    I saw on insta that you started using it, gave it a try as well. I don’t have the best skin so I really have to take time and I actually enjoy taking the time, day and night. I must say I am completely in love with the product, I use it religiously. The only thing I wish they had for this particular range is a facial oil and a toner. I kbow they have one for the other range for aging, but I would like to see one for this range, as it really worked well for my skin.

  2. Lizna says:

    This specific range dried my skin out a bit, had some mixed feelings about it. But despite having combination skin I’ve found most combination skin products dry my oily t zone out a lot.

    I do love that they don’t test on animal tho and their price point is very reasonable for products that has an spf

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