8 things I learnt at Crisscross Adventures

Crisscross Adventures recently invited Rob and I on their Addo Adventure tour which includes a guided Addo River Safari followed by a guided quad biking tour.

It too me a while to take them up on their offer because, quite frankly, I was scared, but turns out it’s flippen awesome.

Crisscross Adventures is an Addo based tour company with a passion for the region, they offer a bunch of awesome excursions  but the Addo Adventure tour seems to be a top seller.

What you get is:

ADDO RIVER SAFARI: Explore a different side of Addo and view game and birds on the riverbanks while you drift down on some of the most scenic parts of the Sunday’s River in a custom designed, comfortable and stable canoe (no paddling experience needed). The popular guided Addo River Safari’s offer guests some of the best bird watching in the Eastern Cape, where one can find countless water birds, 7 different species of Kingfisher and chance sightings of the elusive African Fish Eagle and magnificent Goliath Heron. (Bring Hat, Sunglasses, Camera) Waterproof buckets provided.

FOLLOWED BY ADDO QUAD BIKING: Crisscross Adventures offers guests the opportunity to see some of Addo’s spectacular environment on Automatic Quad bikes, from Valley Bushveld and the magnificent Sundays River, to the beautiful Citrus orchards. Children under 16 years not permitted to drive quad bikes alone, but can ride tandem with a parent or guide. What to wear: Something you don’t mind getting a bit of Addo’s dust on. Transfers not included

Although I have to admit I’m sore today, I would highly recommend going on an adventure with them…it’s likely to be a trip you won’t forget.

So to commemorate the occasion here are 8 things I learnt at Crisscross Adventures

  1. I really like people who give off good energy

The staff members who helped us out, Reinet and Brutus, give off such great vibes. We honestly had so many laughs, I almost swallowed a bug or two from never closing my mouth.  Chatting laughing and at some point an impromptu rendition of Lemon Tree by Fools Garden.

  • I’m braver than I thought

So yes I was the only one in a life-jacket (because my safety trumps fashion and everyone else are brilliant swimmers) but I am ridiculously proud of myself for rowing, walking and quad biking like a champ. I’m usually very keen for others to take the lead on things like this, but I did it! This here Eleanor,! Go me!

  • Prayer works

I took the corner a little too “optimistically” and literally ended up on two wheels. The other lady on the tour with us was super impressed with how I “self corrected” and kept going , but let me tell you now! it was not skill! that was me mentally screaming, “DEAR LORD HELP ME” and the Dear Lord actually helping me.

  • Rob and I would survive at least two episodes of amazing race   

When Rob accidentally hit me (granted not very hard) with his oar and I accidentally (seriously, not retaliation for rowing us into the reeds) splashed him with muddy water, it was looking very sketchy. Like those cringe couples on reality shows where you feel like someone is sleeping on the couch tonight. But we quickly got into a groove and paddled in sync (mostly) it was actually a lot of fun. It tests your communication skills but it’s also such a randomly fun thing to do- it’s not like going white water rafting but the adventure element is definitely there

  • Going backwards down rapids is now a thing

Somehow we ended up turning our canoe and holding on for dear life as the rapids took us – okay it was like a minute and “rapids” is pushing it, but it was pretty impressive canoeing from two novices, none the less.

  • When you get hit in the face with a lemon it helps to wear a helmet

The quad bike experience took us through tarred roads, dirt roads, sand (I got stuck in the sand bank, because I’m special, but saved myself again because I’m some sort of quad biking prodigy – shhhh let me have this) and through lemon orchard/field (whatever it’s called). I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited and sh*t scared at the same time in my life (apart from motherhood) but wow it was amazing.

  • I know a lot more about citrus and birds than I did before

Brutus was our guide and taught us so much. From how to paddle correctly, which birds made which nests , what the plants around us could be used for, the history of citrus production in the area and how to not pop-a-wheely when taking a sharp turn on a quad bike. I love interacting with people who love their work and it’s obvious that he does.

  • There are a few more things I need to add to my bucket list

Crisscross adventures has a bunch of tours, expeditions and fun outings on offer. We know for sure that we want to visit again and think you should do. Here is a link to some great activities to try out, you won’t regret it, I promise. I mean you will totally feel your muscles the next day but like the fitness trainers like to say “it’s a good burn”



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