A NMB pass to Kuzuko lodge – is it worth it

We recently did a Kuzuko lodge game drive using our NMB passes.

I got into the reasons behind us using the pass in my last #sharethebay post but I thought I’d let you know what we thought of the Kuzuko lodge excursion with a Good, Bad, Meh post.

The pass allowed us a 3 hour game drive with a very knowledgeable ranger and lunch on their deck.

So here is what we thought of our family outing to Kuzuko lodge.

The good

– The staff really go out of their way to make you feel catered to and at ease, a perfect mix of professionalism and friendliness.
– Kuzuko Lodge itself has a rare (I’ve been blessed to stay at so many hotels and resorts in my day) mix of 5 star luxury with chillout relaxation. There are no airs and graces despite it being fancy as heck.
– The scenery is amazing, I mean even as the animals were playing hide and seek from us most of the day we did not feel like we missed out at all.
– The guides know their stuff and ours in particular (shout out to Willie) is obviously so passionate about his job you can’t help but share his excitement.
– The food is good and despite being gourmet in style it is not gourmet in portion size…. No burgers balanced on the back of teaspoons at this place.
– They “treat you” from beginning to end, drink on arrival, a mini spa ritual before lunch and then you are taken on another quick “game drive” to your car… Living like a Kardashian up in here, hehe.
– It is just rediculously beautiful.

The bad

– It is further from PE than expected, like let’s not plan anything else for the day far…
– The roads aren’t super kind to your car… They get rather rocky when you eventually get close to Kuzuko lodge

The Meh

– This is probably just a me problem… But I’m not sure about tipping – just in life actually–like naturally we tip waiters, but like do you tip your guide? Especially since you can’t exactly keep up the standards set by the international guests and you don’t want to insult them. I find the whole tipping thing anxiety enducing and wish there were cut and dry rules. I don’t mind paying, I just never know who, when, how much.


So despite it being so far I sang three renditions of “the road is looooong”. It is such a great experience, honestly. It’s nice if you want a break from your real life but don’t have days to make it happen. This is a quick little trip that sort of makes you feel like you were on holiday and it makes for killer pics…

Quick PS. Aidan might have been to young for the trip he slept through 2 of the 3 hours of game drive. That being said, he has slept through a colour run, so maybe it’s just him

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