My views on Aunt Jackie’s Flaxseed range


So I have not done a hair post in a while, but it’s BACK… Thursday is Hersday (can you hear my gangsta rap  accent)

I tried out the Auntie Jackie Flaxseed range recently and here is my honest views on it


I bought the Half & Half Hydrating Silkening Hair Milk, the Don’t Shrink Elongating Curling Gel and the Curl Mane-tenance Defining  Curl Whip.

I got it on the three for two sale at Clicks and these three looked the most interesting.


  • The Hair milk: I  don’t get it to be honest, like what are you supposed to do? It is said to help with dry thirsty hair but it didn’t seem to make much of a difference to mine at all. Honestly I was a little confused by it. Everyone else seems to be raving about it though so I have this niggly feeling that I have been using it wrong. So I’m going to try it again and get back to you, but honestly right now I might as well be spraying my hair with water.
  • Curl Whip: The bottle says you can use this on dry and wet hair. On dry hair it gave great moisture and made my hair feel soft BUT  it did nothing for curl definition, it sort of uncurled it a little. (It seemed to weigh down Aidan’s hair) I then used it again on my wet hair and it looked CRAP seriously I was like what is this even, then I got dressed and went on with my morning routine and suddenly POP! My curls were popping all over the place. I fell in love, suddenly I understood why so many people use this with a diffuser – it cuts out that initial disappointment.
  • The Gel:  I used it with the curl whip to do a twist out but my hair felt so heavy that I almost put  the product in my NO pile  (is it just me or are these NO piles becoming expensive) I put some on Aidan’s hair and LOVED the result, the definition was on point and I had used so little.  So on my next wash and go I used it to scrunch my hair after applying  the curl whip and OMW Love Love, I clearly used way too much with the twist out.

VERDICT: I am so glad that the fact that I hate wasting money made me give this another go! The curls created with the curl whip and gel are so pretty, defined but also very soft to the touch and I am able to manipulate it pretty easily. Some products leave my hair very “look don’t touch”. I was super feeling myself (see picture below) with this product, running my hands through my hair and being all, Beyonce in the wind (If Beyonce’s hair looked like Solange’s hair)

The light formula gave my hair great body but I must admit that the amount of days I could wear my wash and wear decreased…I can usually still look okay on day 4 but with this I whipped out a headwrap on day 3.

My hair feels great though.



Have you tried the Flaxseed range? What are your views.



4 thoughts on “My views on Aunt Jackie’s Flaxseed range

  1. Venean Bosch says:

    Love love love the honesty… Thinking about trying it out for my girls curls have you seen them soooo beautiful if I could just wrap my head around how to manage them. Xxx

  2. Cecile says:

    TBH the flaxseed gel has not come through for me like the Ecostyler Olive Oil gel has. It just doesn’t, my pocket has been ired by such turn of events. I also wanna “whip it, whip it real good” – so the curl whip thingy is a must try! Thanks for sharing, Elle!!

    • Ella says:

      It’s the No pile isn’t it damn expensive no pile…I think it might be a hair length thing, but dying to try eco styler also … damn u and that song!!!

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